This crazy Sova recon bolt lineup can be a game-changer on Ascent

If you thought Sova's bolt sticking to Raze's Boom Bot was crazy, you might want to take a look at this new lineup discovered by a Valorant player. 

A new unique recon bolt lineup proves that Sova's arrows are exceptional. Not only he's capable of making enemies vulnerable, but he also pulls off incredible tricks with his bow and arrow while he's at it. 

Opening A site isn't that difficult until you get ambushed by enemies hiding deep in Wine. The corner is a major threat for attackers hitting A site, as a defender with a weapon like Bucky or Judge can annihilate your entire army within seconds. It's incredibly crucial to ensure that Wine is clear.

This new Sova can help scan out enemies hiding in a corner, making your A detour easy. While this lineup is super helpful, it's just as unique, complicated, and amusing. 

Reddit User verynicenoodle discovered this bizarre lineup for Sova's recon bolt that takes an unusual route to A wine. Here's how you can replicate it in-game. 

Stand atop the boxes in A lobby and equip your arrow. Aim at the corner of the table and activate double bounce. Fully load the charge and shoot your arrow. 

After hitting the tiny table, the bolt will pop against the building, travel towards the cafe near Wine, and finally stick to the corner of the wall. 

The arrow will catch the enemies by surprise, denying them time to break it before their position is revealed. This arrow can be helpful as enemies may stop hiding in that one corner after exposure. 

Initiators are a must-have on your team on a map like Ascent. Their information gathering skills come in handy to strategize on a map as large as Ascent. Whether it's Skye, Sova, or Breach, their utility can help break open sites and clear out choke points. While Ascent's floral vibe and the extensive area may make it less irritating than other maps, the location has some key corners that make it a menace to play as Attackers. This lineup will surely help you clear out one of Ascent's most dangerous angles on A site. 

How long does Sova's ult last? 

Sova is equipped with a powerful ultimate, which provides him three long-range energy blasts capable of killing an enemy. Hunter's Fury expires eight seconds after activation, so players may want to utilize the three charges quickly. 

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