Valorant players complain about grind in weekly missions

Valorant's Act II brought to players a new battle pass, meaning more cosmetics, skins, sprays, and player card artwork to unlock. 

One way to unlock these new additions to Riot's original first-person shooter is through daily and weekly missions. These appear on the left side of the game's main screen, with daily missions resetting each day. Each of the missions gives players a certain amount of experience points based on the corresponding achievement. Some missions include killing someone with an opponent's gun, purchasing a certain number of weapons, scoring the first elimination of a round, disarming a Spike, getting a certain amount of headshots, or playing a certain number of matches. 

A lot of the daily missions can be completed during a single match. But unlike the daily missions, weekly missions don't reset. Players only get new tasks if they complete a mission. These take a bit more time as a result, and some players are not too happy with just how much more involvement is needed. 

Valorant ultimate mission

Valorant players complain about battle pass weekly missions

One Valorant player took to social media to share their concerns about the weekly missions, namely a mission in which players are required to use an ultimate 50 times. They explained that after completing their other two missions, they still only used their ultimate abilities 17 times. 

"Now I could definitely get that if I spammed Spike Rush, especially with a six-point ult character, but you shouldn’t have to farm a weekly when every other mission can be completed in a reasonable number of games," they explained. 

They suggested lowering the requirement from 50 to 25. They also said that Riot could increase the reward if they want to keep it at 50, since "even if you pop off and use ult five times" in an unrated game, it would still take 10 games to complete the task. This is around five to seven hours of gameplay at minimum. 

The post gained a lot of traction on Reddit as more Valorant players agreed. Others also discussed how difficult it is to get 50 ultimates compared to completing other weekly missions. One Valorant player said they get an average of three to five ultimates per competitive match, meaning that if they played one such match a day for the entire week they'd only be halfway to the achievement at most. 

Another player pointed out that the 50-ultimate weekly mission incentivized players to use their ultimates wastefully just to achieve the goal. They said the quest should reward players who make good plays instead of encouraging players to pop their ultimates as frequently as possible. 

The mission also becomes even more difficult depending on the agents players focus on, such as Sage and Cypher. Their ultimates can take even longer to load and have harder requirements than other agents. 

Some players speculated that Valorant was hoping the tough missions would force players to purchase the skins and sprays instead of grinding them through experience. This has backfired, one player noted, because a lot of people in the community have just gotten burned out and could be bored with the game in part because of the weeklies' grind. 

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