3 hilarious weapons to troll opponents in Elden Ring PvP

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 28, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Funny weapons change Elden Ring from a dark fantasy apocalypse into a playground.

Bashing an invader’s skull in with a legendary greathammer is satisfying, but there’s just something about doing the same thing with a gigantic saxophone. Elden RIng is full of funny weapons perfect for trolling unwanted guests. The next time you run into an invader, give these three weapons a try to show them who’s really the boss.

Toot on your foes with the Envoy’s Greathorn

The Envoy’s Greathorn is a massive trumpet that doubles as a hammer. Strength, dexterity, and faith scaling is already appealing, but the weapon’s real strength is the fact that it’s a gigantic jazz instrument. The innate weapon skill Great Oracular Bubble summons a giant exploding bubble that slowly floats towards the target. It also lets out a triumphant toot perfect for intimidating any errant invaders.

This weapon has a small chance to drop from Giant Envoys in the Haligtree. In addition to the greathorn, there’s also a smaller Envoy’s Horn that shoots a smaller bubble. Grab the giant weapon and pass two smaller ones to your friends to turn a gank party into a jazz trio. Give the invader a show before bubbling them to death.

The One-Eyed Shield is a super funny Elden Ring weapon

If blasting your opponent with weaponized jazz music isn’t enough, try spitting on them. The One-Eyed Shield is a medium-sized shield with a very special unique skill. Instead of a parry or bash, this shield shoots out a chunky fire projectile that deals heavy damage. The fireball actually scales with the weapon, so enjoy the 100% physical block and offensive capabilities at the same time.

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The One-Eyed Shield is a reward from a boss fight in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Teleport to the Whiteridge Road grace and head just southeast to the  Guardian’s Garrison. Complete the small dungeon and defeat Chief Guardian Arghanthy at the very top to claim your prize. He primarily uses fire magic, so close and stunlock him with a large melee weapon.

The Ringed Finger is exactly what it sounds like

Creepy disembodied hands that crawl on the ground are some of the most annoying enemies in Elden Ring, but one funny weapon lets you turn the tables. The Ringer Finger is a severed pointer finger with a special weapon skill that flicks whatever it’s aiming at into oblivion. It also boasts B strength scaling at +10, making it a surprisingly potent weapon with the right build.

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The Ringed Finder is actually pretty difficult to acquire. Head to Gelmir Hero’s Grave and run down the first ramp with lava at the bottom. Backstep through the lava to find a small alcove with a treasure chest. Once acquired, be sure to check out the unique weapon skill. The way the weapon swells as if personally annoyed makes the Ringed Finger one of the funniest weapons in all of Elden Ring.