3 budget knife and gloves combos to flex affordably in CSGO

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Knives and gloves can get absurdly expensive in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but rocking a custom loadout doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

In CSGO, there are good knives and bad knives. The same is true for gloves. Not every gold can be a black pearl Karambit or a factory new set of Snow Leopards. While cheap golds don’t stick out on their own, they can make each other look good with the right combination. If you’re looking to pick up a new set of CSGO cosmetics without going broke, here are three budget knife and gloves combos to consider.

The three combos on this list all cost less than $250 from the Steam Market. Prices can fluctuate, so it’s possible that the items listed are currently more expensive or potentially cheaper compared to the time of writing. All images were taken from the 3D skin simulator at cs.money.

Broken Fang Gloves | Jade and Bowie Knife | Boreal Forest

The trick to finding a good glove and knife combo is color coordination. For the first example, check out what a green knife and gloves can look like put together. The emblem on the Broken Fang Gloves helps provide contrast, and the green smoothly transitions from the gloves to the knife handle.

Blog post image

The image above depicts battle-scarred Broken Fang Gloves | Jade and a minimal wear Bowie Knife | Boreal Forest. The gloves currently go for $120 while the knife will set you back just $91. It’s no emerald, but it proves that matching colors make everything look good. 

Moto Gloves | Eclipse and Shadow Daggers | Black Laminate

For CSGO players who prefer an edgier look, there are plenty of options for a black-on-black knife and gloves. Our advice is to go heavy on the gloves and keep the knife cheap. Combining the Moto Gloves | Eclipse and Shadow Daggers | Black Laminate creates a murdered-out look that keeps the agent skin offscreen for maximum matte black.

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The gloves make up the bulk of the price tag for this combo at $156 for well-worn, but the unique pose of the Shadow Daggers helps hide a lot of the wear. The Black Laminates are also high float at battle-scarred, but the skins takes on a darker shade at higher wear values. The lowest float values jump up in price, but at just $86, the combo is worth the splurge.

Moto Gloves | Transport and Gut Knife | Lore

Primary colors are a popular choice for knife and gloves combos, but the demand for red and blue pushes them out of budget range. By contrast, yellow is an overlooked color that looks great on both T and CT agents. The Transport and Lore combo below shows how well color blocking works. The green handle cuts through all the yellow to compliment the darker tones on the gloves.

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Both the Moto Gloves | Transport and Gut Knife | Lore in the screenshot are field-tested, which allows this combo to barely make the cut at $250. Both items have a good bit of wear on them, but keeping the float values consistent adds flair. Notice how the gloves themselves also have a little green on them, adding another level of depth to the budget CSGO knife and gloves combo.