15 tips to play like a pro in CSGO

By Jared Wynne


Sep 8, 2019

Reading time: 8 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games in the world today. But only a small number of its players are able to play at the highest levels. Why is this? Because many players do little or nothing to effectively improve their in-game skills. 

People play games to relax after a hard workday or a tough week at school. Not everyone wants to strain and sweat during the game, or even learn some difficult new tricks to defeat their opponents. That’s the difference between ordinary and pro players.  

But for those interested in hitting that next level, we’ve assembled 15 powerful tips to become a pro in CSGO.

1. Aim with your mind

Learn how best to use the gun you’re shooting with. Spray patterns, rates of fire, and damage; all of this information will help you to defeat your enemies in a duel. It’s better to make one accurate shot than to spray the whole clip and kill no one.

You can learn more about specific spray patterns here.

Before you buy any weapons, try them out in training. Learn to shoot at different distances and feel the power of all weapon types. 

2. Change tactics and positioning each round

Enemies get used to your position and know where to expect you in future rounds. Change your tactics and change your positioning. Even if you change your spot or exit point just a little bit, it can confuse your enemies. 

Selecting the right position gives you an advantage over the enemy. Use the structures on the map and reduce your opponent’s viewing angle to easily best your opposition.

3. Learn all points of the maps

Before you start playing on any map, it is necessary to thoroughly study it. Understanding the maps in CSGO distinguishes a professional player from a beginner. Professionals know where their enemy can appear and know how to move around in any situation. 

Knowing the maps will also boost your efficiency and speed while communicating with your teammates. 

Check out this listing featuring the biggest CSGO map callouts guide, and use it to get to know every point on the CSGO map.

4. Grenades can be more dangerous than your main weapon 

According to statistics, beginners hardly throw grenades and mid-rank players throw a lot of grenades, but they often do so thoughtlessly. Professionals also use a lot of grenades, but they do it most effectively. 

Each grenade can do more good than any other firearm. The right smoke covering the right choke point or pass gives time to pick up on the enemy or to stop the fastest rush. 

There are many guides available for each map and each position. Learn how to spread out grenades on the maps and it will have a positive effect on your playing skills in CSGO. 

5. Mind your timings 

Time plays cruel jokes on each side in different phases of a round. Professional players use time in their favor. Often, you can see combinations of terrorists rushes to the respective bomb sites in timings as late as 20 seconds before the end of a round. To do this effectively, they prepare accordingly and try to stretch their opponents out and deceive them by faking different sites.

In these 20 seconds, it is very important to kill 1-2 CT players and still have time to plant the bomb. When making these dangerous timings work, always remember the time required for planting the bomb. 

Before the bomb is planted, the time is working in favor of the CT team, but after it is planted, the CT team has only 40 seconds to defuse the bomb. 

At such moments, it is important to have at least 1-2 defuse kits per team. As practice proves, the five-second difference gives a colossal advantage.  

6. Don’t dive without a flashbang

Entering any new position is always dangerous. Players on the plant have an advantage in positioning and readiness to meet attackers.

One move can change the situation: a flash grenade. Do not go to a vulnerable position without a flashbang. You can throw it yourself or you can resort to the help of a teammate.

Players of higher ranks than silver will have time to turn away from the thrown grenade unless it is an appropriately timed pop flash. But the cover provided will still give precious time to enter or exit a point of interest.

7. Sound is important

Listening to in-game sounds is very important for your success in CSGO. In the game, you can fully navigate by sounds and in doing so better understand the movements of your opponents. 

Do not forget that enemies also hear you, and you can manipulate them by faking certain sounds. Go to a place where you want to be heard and get out of there silently. 

8. Pay attention to the radar

Professionals pay close attention to the radar more so than ordinary players. Using the minimap is an important game mechanic in CSGO, just the same as listening to sounds. 

On the radar, you can see the position of your teammates and which areas remain open for the enemy. If opponents’ activities become visible to your teammates, you will also see them on the minimap. 

Even if not one of the teammates gives proper information, you can sometimes feel the game situation on the base of minimap. 

Set up the minimap and use it effectively. 

9. Consider the economy

Spending carelessly in CSGO may cause significant problems. Some people buy in full while their teammates have only 2,000 dollars to spare. Always count your money, your teammates’ money, and the money of your enemies. 

If you win a series of five or more rounds, the opponents will have additional bonus money for each of the next rounds, even if they lose. To knock down their economy, you must give up one round and win the next one. This will break their economy for the next two or three rounds. 

After losing a pistol round, aggressive enemies can still play into you. They can easily kill you after your full purchase by accurate shots from a Desert Eagle. 

The planted bomb gives good money to terrorists in the next round. This is always worth remembering for both sides. 

If you have 2,500 dollars or more, it is advisable to make a forced buy. This is the purchase of guns or pistols, some armor, and an incomplete purchase of grenades. The force buy helps to effectively use remaining funds and not to have excess money left over in the ensuing rounds.

10. Don’t rush to kill an enemy if he can’t see you

Killing an enemy right away isn’t always a good thing to do. Sometimes it’s hard to contain yourself. But self-control in a game like CSGO always gives you good results. 

If you walked into the enemy’s back, or if he passed you by without noticing your position, don’t be in a hurry to kill him. He won’t give information to his allies, so they won’t expect to find you where you are. This is a simple way to kill two or even three enemies covertly. 

11. Use a boost

Most maps have places which are impossible to reach on your own. You should jump on the back of your teammate first. These places are called boosts. A boost gives the effect of a surprise over the enemy, and sometimes the advantage of a better view in some parts of the map.. 

The main thing is not to overuse them, because enemies will know which boosts you use and can take advantage of this knowledge.

12. Shoot through the right walls and boxes

The shooting physics in CSGO allow you to shoot through weak areas in walls, doors, and wooden boxes. By knowing where to shoot, you can damage enemies from out of sight.

Learn where to shoot on the maps you’re playing. Sometimes shoot the walls, doors, and boxes. But don’t shoot them every round, because your enemies will get used to this and won’t get caught again.

13. Talk to your teammates

CSGO is not a game about killing enemies, it’s a game about communicating with other people. It’s not just one player who wins the match, but the whole team through their teamwork. 

To boost the effectiveness of your teamwork, players must interact with each other. Communicate as much as you can and give information about your opponents. Always speculate on what is best to do for your team if you have an opinion on the subject. 

The team that communicates and helps each other most often wins. 

14. Use those beautiful skins

Skins won’t give you more hit points or add damage to your weapons. But a beautiful skin adds motivation for you.

Enemies look differently at players with beautiful skins, so nice cosmetics might even confuse them.

If you’re lacking the right skins, you can even buy CSGO skins and use them to get a boost of confidence and motivation while playing CSGO. 

15. Rest after defeat and victory

The main thing in any competitive game is to know your limits. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, your body and your mind will still need rest. After each game, take a short break to let your brain and body rest from the stress of playing. 

The best practice is to go outside and walk for a few minutes.You’ll feel renewed and will give your body a boost. After some rest, you’ll feel better when you get back to the game. 

Sleeping starts a lot of recovery processes in your body that need time for efficiency. Sleep for as many hours as you need to feel great during the next day. 

And remember, it’s just a game.

Still have some questions about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Try reading this advanced CSGO guide for beginners who want to know everything about the game.


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