10th CSGO operation may launch soon as files get updated

By Nick Johnson


Nov 9, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Steam Database has manually updated the list of the files it tracks for CSGO code changes, adding numerous scripts that were used to run CSGO’s past operations. Many map files were added to the game’s watchlist in addition to the scripts used to execute the game’s code. 

The list of scripts had been manually removed from SteamDB’s tracking, which is standard protocol when an operation isn’t underway, but the site’s addition of classic maps such as Militia and Assault means that the site’s creator, Pavel Djundik, might be buying in. However, Djundik was reluctant to commit to any speculation on CSGO’s next operation as he took to Twitter to defend his lack of buying into the CSGO operation hype. 

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Valve updates CSGO store assets ahead of a possible new operation

But in another interesting development, CSGO’s store assets have also been updated on Steam’s backend, though they currently appear the same on the front end of the game. Besides Valve’s extensive work cleaning up CSGO’s code, it could be the sign CSGO players have been looking for. The last two times Valve updated CSGO’s store assets were during the StarLadder Berlin Major, and ahead of the launch of Operation Shattered Web. 

Despite his refusal to engage in speculating about CSGO’s next operation, Djundik is usually spot on when it comes to preparing SteamDB ahead of time. It’s hard to be certain when the next operation will come, and matters aren’t helped by the fact that Valve works on no schedule but its own. That means that CSGO’s next operation will launch when Valve feels good and ready to do so.

That said, these file updates and the fact that Rust and Garry’s Mod developers Facepunch Studios have announced a transition to the Source 2 engine should have CSGO fans excited.