100 Thieves return to CSGO hinted at by Nadeshot

By Steven Rondina


Jul 19, 2019

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100 Thieves is flush with cash and looking to expand.

Judging from a recent YouTube video from team owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, one of the team’s next endeavors is a return Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. During a recorded meeting with other 100 Thieves decisionmakers, Nadeshot flatly says as much, hinting that a comeback is imminent.

After entering a meeting room, Nadeshot quips about the difficulties of vlogging while at company headquarters. This sparks a discussion that it’s fine for him to have cameras rolling, so long as he doesn’t show the whiteboard in the room, which is blurred out in the video. Nadeshot responds by blurting out that the team intends to sign a CSGO squad.

“We’re getting a CSGO team is basically what I’m talking about. We’re getting a CSGO team,” Nadeshot says. “We’re going to be in CSGO. 100 Thieves is coming full force.”

Though the quip can be chalked up as a joke, there are plenty of signs that 100 Thieves is setting its sights on CSGO. The organization recently added former North and OpTic Gaming director Jacob “Maelk” Toft-Andersen as the VP of Esports. The organization also recently secured a $35 million investment, meaning 100 Thieves has the financial muscle to sign premier talents should they become available.

This is likely good news for fans of the organization, as 100 Thieves’ first foray into CSGO was an unmitigated disaster.

The organization entered the game in 2017, signing the former lineup of Immortals. Though the Brazilian squad initially had the look of a great team, things went sideways when visa issues forced the team to withdraw from the ELEAGUE Boston Major. Things went from bad to worse when the team released Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe from the squad’s roster due to inappropriate remarks he made during a Twitter argument, with the rest of the squad splitting off days later.

No hints were given in regards to who 100 Thieves could sign or what region they will focus on, but there is no shortage of talent available in CSGO at the moment. There is a long list of high-profile free agents on the market, a number which is likely to climb as the StarLadder Berlin Major comes and goes.


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