100 Thieves’ Hiko shares new agent tier list for Valorant

By Olivia Richman


Jul 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

100 Thieves Valorant captain Spencer “Hiko” Martin decided to share his insight on each of the game’s agents during a recent stream.

“We’re not talking about comp, we’re not talking about solo queue rated, we’re not talking about unrated, we’re not talking about fun level. We’re talking about usefulness in high-level team-based pro gameplay,” Hiko explained.

Valorant S-tier agents

Hiko put Sage in S-tier right away. He stated that she’s the “best agent in the game” because pro players can easily rack up the kills needed to build up her resurrection ultimate. The ability to bring back a teammate can change the game completely. That, on top of her ability to slow down an incoming offensive team, makes her invaluable to most competitive compositions.

Another S-tier agent was Cypher, due to his kit’s strength when it comes to holding down sites single-handedly. While Cypher is sliding down the pick rate rankings in competitive play, when it comes to pro play he is a consistent favorite.

Hiko then stated that Brimstone had the “best smokes in the game.” When defending a spike, Hiko explained that Brimstone can use his ultimate to defend a planted spike more easily than most other agents. This has earned Brimstone S-tier status for now.

Valorant A-tier agents

Hiko shared that Omen also has good smokes. He’s frequently played on most maps because of how easily he can counter double snipers. His smokes can be thrown all across the map.

Sova was another A-tier agent Hiko discussed. Despite being quite low on previous tier lists, Hiko explained that his arrows counter Viper and Cypher, revealing their locations despite their attempts to be sneaky.

He also surprised many by placing Raze in A-tier. Even though her kit has been criticized for having no utility, Hiko explained that when a pro plays Raze, the agent is a “top fragger.”

“Raze almost always counters Cypher… Your Raze can hold the choke point herself for so long,” Hiko said.

Valorant B-tier agents

Hiko almost put Breach in A-tier, but moved him into the B tier because pros will often opt for Omen or Sova instead.

He then put Jett into B-tier since she is great for sniping. That’s useful in a heavy AWP meta. Unfortunately for Jett, that isn’t the current meta.

Phoenix was another B-tier agent. Hiko said he’s just not as useful as the other agents.

Hiko eventually made it to C-tier, where he placed Viper and Reyna. While many people have argued that Reyna is OP, apparently pros are able to deal with her pretty easily. Hiko admitted that her flashes are the “best in the game,” but most of her abilities rely on her racking up kills. This means you can’t really guarantee how quickly those abilities will build up. At lower ranks, Hiko said Reyna performs better as she excels in duels.