100 Thieves crush FURIA, take last ESL Pro League Finals spot

Nick Johnson • November 20, 2019 3:11 pm

100 Thieves took the final spot in the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals by defeating FURIA eSports.

What analysts predicted to be a competitive matchup wasn’t even close as 100 Thieves bested FURIA in impressive 2-0 fashion. In victories on Vertigo and Inferno, 100 Thieves earned their EPL Finals spot with some help from the top-performing player in the North American region this season.

Justin “jks” Savage has lived up to his name all season and the first game on Vertigo wasn’t any different. It’s hard to overstate how large of an impact he had on Vertigo. Jks posted a fantastic 1.88 HTLV rating and 128 average damage per round, the highest in the North American ESL Pro League

Between jks and a solid performance from Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas, FURIA had little chance for success despite scoring a decent five rounds on their T side. 100 Thieves’ run of four rounds to end the first half gave them the momentum to take the second pistol round. As a result, 100T lost only one round in the second half and earned a 16-6 victory on Vertigo. 

Liazz’s play has continued to improve since early April. Since struggling to adjust to professional play when signed by Renegades in October 2018, he’s grown into a dependable site anchor on defense.

The impulsive Liazz fans once knew is now gone after developing pro-level patience and finding his place within the roster. His methodical quadruple kill on the CT-side of Vertigo showed that perfectly.

100 Thieves dominate in ESL Pro League Season 10

Inferno’s first half was much closer than Vertigo’s, with FURIA performing better on defense. Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato had a solid A-site hold in round eight that allowed the Brazilians to finish the half with seven rounds. 

The play set up a nice run for FURIA, but Inferno’s second half was a disaster for the team. Despite winning four rounds in a row take the lead at 11-10, a series of failed post-plants cost them the match and an ESL Pro League Finals spot.

With the regular season of ESL Pro League Season 10 now over, the stage is now set for the EPL Season 10 Finals. From December 3 to 8, the ESL Pro League Season 10 finals will take place in Odense, Denmark. With 100 Thieves taking the final spot, the lineup for the tournament is complete.

ESL Pro League Season 10 North America winners

Six teams from the North American region have taken their spots at the finals to compete for their share of the $600K prize pool:


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