100 Thieves coach ImAPet retires from CSGO, talks return

By Nick Johnson


Sep 28, 2020

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100 Thieves head coach Chet “ImAPet” Singh has announced that he has retired from the role and will pursue other opportunities.

ImAPet made the announcement on Twitter, thanking 100 Thieves and its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players for the opportunity to work with them. He gave special attention to the fact that the organization allowed him to terminate his contract at will. That emphasis reveals that not only was ImAPet’s decision a personal one, but that it may have been a decision to leave CSGO esports, as 100 Thieves may not have been so willing to terminate if ImAPet planned a transfer to a rival CSGO team.

ImAPet retires after turning 100 Thieves into a competitor

The announcement comes after 100 Thieves’ 3-0 loss to FURIA in the ESL Pro League Season 12 playoffs, but with ImAPet’s release seemingly a personal request, it’s unlikely that his retirement stems from an organizational decision. In fact, 100 Thieves has evolved into a darkhorse candidate for tournament wins since ImAPet took over the role in March of this year. Soon after he signed with 100T, ImAPet explained his plans for the team in an interview with HLTV.

“We’ve been working a lot on tactics, varying things up, practicing things that they aren’t necessarily comfortable with. We’ve been going through a big experimental phase, and that’s not going to end anytime soon. We’re just trying a bunch of stuff and seeing what works and what doesn’t,” ImAPet said.

100T did just that. They managed a third-place finish at DreamHack Masters Spring, and while the team struggled over the summer and took fourth place at CS Summit 6 and fifth at ESL One Cologne Online, the team’s recent performance at ESL Pro League Season 12 gave a glimpse of a team on the right track. Despite its grand finals loss to FURIA, impressive plays and a solid strategic approach gave the team wins over tournament favorites Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid on its way to the finals.

Is ImAPet switching from CSGO to Valorant?

Even though the coach didn’t give any hints as to what will come next, ImAPet told HLTV that he was moments away from signing on to a Valorant squad before 100T came calling.

“There was a point where I was going to sign for a VALORANT team… as a General Manager to build the roster, to build the structure. Since I’ve been in CS for so long I kind of know what it takes to have a decent lineup,” ImAPet said.

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On the same day when over 30 CSGO coaches were banned for using an exploit during professional matches, Valorant probably looks like a decent option for ImAPet. As WIN.gg reported, CSGO players have scooped up the majority of roster spots on Valorant teams, Valorant’s esports scene might see a professional CSGO coach join its ranks sometime soon.

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