Zed and Samira to receive nerfs in the last patch of season 10

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 21, 2020

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The League of Legends season is coming to an end and so are the patches. Lead gameplay designer Mark “Scuffy” Yetter recently presented a detailed preview of the last patch of the season, patch 10.22. 

The patch is mainly focusing on some light champion adjustments for Annie, Ashe, Jinx, Brand, and Nasus. The details on the adjustments were already presented and added to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for players to experience.  

The last changes for patch 10.22 include some light nerfs to Karthus, Samira, Zed, and Lulu top. In the buff section, Xahyah, LeBlanc, and Sejuani will get some love but all changes are very light and probably won’t have a major effect on the meta before the big preseason patch hits. 

Zed to receive a nerf on patch 10.22 but it’s small

  • E – Shadow Slash, damage 70-170 >> 70-150 

The Master of Shadows is one of the main focuses for the last patch of the season. Zed has been one of the most dominant mid laners in solo queue recently and Riot is looking to change that. Luckily for Zed mains, it doesn’t look like the nerf will be enough to make a difference. 

The damage of his Shadow Slash will be nerfed at the highest level, but probably won’t do much. Zed will still have lots of damage through his Razor Shuriken (Q) combined with his Death Mark (R).

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Karthus and Lulu gets a damage nerf each on patch 10.22


  • Q – Lay Waste, damage 50-130 >> 45-125

After being a viable jungler for months, Karthus will receive a nerf on his Lay Waste damage. The ability is key for his clear speed in the jungle and late-game wave clearing. The damage doesn’t seem like a lot, but since Lay Waste is a spammable ability it might be enough to put Karthus in a more balanced spot. 


  • Q – Glitterlance, damage 80-260 >> 80-220 

Lulu has been a contested pick recently, but not just for the support position. As seen at the 2020 World Championship, the enchanter has been picked for both top and mid lane to provide extra utility for her carries. 

Riot is not too fond of the idea of Lulu in solo lanes, so they are nerfing her Glitterlance to tone down her laning power. The nerf won’t affect her as much for the support position, so she might end up as support exclusively in the upcoming patch. 

Riot trying to bring Sejuani back into the jungle meta

  • R – Glacial Prison, short range damage 100-150 >> 125-175 
  • R – Glacial Prison, long range damage (and delayed explosion) 150-350 >> 200-400

It’s been a while since Sejuani has been a contested meta pick, both in solo queue and professional play. The tanky jungler has not been a viable pick in recent patches, where carry junglers such as Nidalee and Graves have taken the throne. 

Riot is looking to bring Sejuani back to a more viable state by buffing the damage of her key-ability Glacial Prison. The CC ultimate has always been great for locking down targets and it will continue to be so. From patch 10.22 it will also deal more damage, making Sejuani a more viable pick in this explosive jungle meta. 

Patch 10.22 will hit the live servers on October 28. 


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