Yuumi’s win rate is going up again despite her last nerfs

Melany Moncav • August 5, 12:55

It’s time to check in with Yuumi to see how is the Magical Cat doing after getting heavily nerfed in patch 10.15. It turns out that she’s doing just fine.

Yuumi is not an easy champion to balance. Since its release in 2019, League of Legends developers have tried almost everything to get Yuumi to a healthy spot. So far, all efforts have failed, and Yuumi has quickly become the most hated champion in the game for many of its players. Those players are going so far as to ask for Yuumi’s deletion, but Riot Games has officially said that Yuumi is here to stay.

Yuumi pick and ban rate shows effects of balance changes

Between patches 10.10 and 10.12, Yuumi had some of the highest win and pick rates in the games. In patch 10.12, Yuumi hit a peak as the third most-banned champion in the game with a 48% ban rate. That number decreased as developers targeted Yuumi in the following patches with nerfs to her sustainability. By patch 10.15, Yuumi’s ban rate had decreased to a little over 6%.

After patch 10.13, Yuumi’s win rate drastically decreased and players stopped picking the support champion. Yuumi was out of consideration for about a month before players figured out how to make the champion work again. In patch 10.15, players are going back to the Yuumi pick and the win rate is increasing slowly. Yuumi’s presence in pro play might have something to do with these numbers.

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Yuumi in pro play

Not every support player can pull off a good Yuumi. In the LCK, the best Yuumi is played by DragonX support Ryu “Keria” Min-seok. Keria is known for being an aggressive playmaker, and he knows how to take full advantage of Yuumi and make it work for the team.

Keria goes for a more aggressive build with Mikael’s Crucible as his first item and Luden’s Echo as his second. The priority here is the mana regeneration and AP, because Yuumi wants to poke for as much damage as possible. Yuumi also wants to heal her teammates, but might run out of mana more quickly after nerfs caused her heal to expend a percentage of her overall mana. It’s best to go for Heal and Exhaust, not the more aggressive spells such as Ignite, as a great insurance policy for the champion’s mana problem.


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