YouTube unbans Belle Delphine following an internet uproar

Olivia Richman • November 25, 02:36

Controversial content creator Belle Delphine is back on YouTube after a short ban. 

Mary-Belle “Belle Delphine” Kirschner started out as a cosplayer but blew up for her more lewd content and varied internet antics. This includes selling her used bath water for $30. She currently makes most of her money through Patreon and OnlyFans, selling NSFW photos and videos. 

But Delphine also makes racy content for YouTube, including music videos and meme-heavy skits. Or she did, until YouTube decided to ban her for “sexual content” without giving her the usual three strikes. YouTube soon learned the power of the Belle Delphine army, however, and was forced to give her the channel back. 

Belle Delphine and internet fight to reinstate YouTube channel

When Delphine’s YouTube was banned by the video platform, the internet immediately came to her defense. While her content is definitely not child friendly, it was quickly pointed out that similar content hasn’t received the same punishment from YouTube. This includes rapper Cardi B’s “WAP” music video, which has a similar amount of nudity. 

“Hey, YouTube… Why was my YouTube account terminated with no warnings and no strikes for ‘sexual content’ when you allow and promote songs like ‘W.A.P.’?” Delphine asked on Twitter. “Seems a little sus.” 

After being called out, YouTube decided to publicly address the growing controversy. They asked Delphine for her channel information so they could start looking into the problem. 

Twitter users immediately pointed out that YouTube was seemingly pretending not to know the complaint came from the famous Belle Delphine. They mocked YouTube for allegedly not knowing Delphine’s URL. A lot of people started joking that YouTube was playing dumb so they couldn’t be shamed for watching her content as a guilty pleasure. 

In the end, YouTube unbanned Delphine’s account. They didn’t say exactly what it was that convinced them to do so.

“Glad you saw your account has been reinstated. The termination was a mistake by the review team – we’re so sorry for the frustration this caused. We’ve sent you an email with more info,” YouTube’s Twitter account wrote to Delphine, seemingly pretending to be clueless about who she was again. 

While celebrating Delphine’s victory, others called for YouTube to stop targeting the wrong type of content on their platform. They called on the review team to be trained properly. 

What is Belle Delphine’s salary?

Between her OnlyFans account, premium Snapchat, Patreon, and YouTube revenue (not to mention the bathwater), Delphine is estimated to be worth about $500,000. 

How old is Belle Delphine now?

Delphine was born on October 23 in 1999. That makes her 21 years old. 


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