Yassuo gets charity stream canceled after offensive comments

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 25, 2020

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Twitch streamer Mohammad “Yassuo” Abdalrhman had his charity stream canceled after wishing a teammate cancer live on stream. 

A clip of Yassuo recently started trending on social media where he wishes cancer upon an allied Diana player and her whole family after the player struggled in a solo queue game. 

While the Diana did play poorly, Yassuo completely lost it in the end-game lobby resulting in some inappropriate insults. Yassuo later on admitted on Twitter that he was “a little too toxic” and that he will try to better contain his emotions going forward. 

Yassuo and others held to account for toxic behavior on stream

Despite his apology on Twitter, the comments still resulted in consequences for the popular content creator. Live on stream, Yassuo was asked about his plans for upcoming charity streams and when they would take place. Yassuo has been known to do charity streams in the past, but this time he answered that he doesn’t know when the next one will be. Yassuo was allegedly supposed to do a charity stream within the next few weeks, raising money to fight cancer, but the foundation didn’t want to work with the popular streamer after the comments made a few days earlier. 

Toxic content creators have been a big topic of discussion recently after several incidents of streamers crossing the line, both on and off stream. Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni has been in the spotlight for being toxic in-game while playing on smurf accounts with players below his skill level. TF Blade was also banned on the Korean LoL servers earlier this year while trying to climb to its top rank. The incidents have left the top laner in a bad spot in the eyes of many in the community, but he remains popular with his viewers. 

Streamer and former pro player Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera also hit the front pages recently after getting banned from the League Partnership Program. The program allows content creators to co-stream the LCS, which had been a big success for IWillDominate. He was suspended from the program and Riot has made it clear that the suspension is not up for debate.  


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