xQc unbanned from GTA V NoPixel 3.0 server… for now

Olivia Richman • April 12, 2021 9:07 pm

Controversial streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel is again back on GTA V’s roleplay server, NoPixel 3.0. 

xQc was previously banned from NoPixel for a week. xQc received the news while he was playing Minecraft. Upon hearing the latest news, he checked NoPixel 3.0 and saw that he was, in fact, back on the server. In response, xQc excitedly rubbed his hands together. He was most likely planning his next streaming antics. 

xQc was banned from NoPixel for the third time just last week. This time, it appeared to be in response to a very wild stream full of criminal activities. xQc had misbehaved and lashed out at police officers multiple times. In response, the police arrested xQc and sentenced him to 224 months in jail, seizing his phone. 

xQc then became visibly frustrated during his live broadcast. His viewers showed their support for the streamer by raiding other streamers’ chats and leaving harassment and mean comments. xQc seemed satisfied with his fans’ reactions, saying “thank god” at the time. This is most likely the reason xQc was banned. 

In the past, xQc called out fans for harassing other streamers in his defense. When his fans started sending streamers death threats while he was using OfflineTV’s giant Rust server, xQc tweeted that he was being “too rude.” He said that his fans were going to “do better.” 

Now that xQc is back on NoPixel, it’s unclear if he is going to have a better attitude or continue to encourage negative behavior when things go wrong. Either way, his fans are excited to have him back and can’t wait for more illegal shenanigans and wild behavior from the popular streamer. 


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