xQc reacts to Adin Ross drama, calls popular streamers “bitter”

By Olivia Richman


Jun 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Adin Ross has had a sudden come-up on Twitch, and some big names in the industry have had a lot to say about it. 

During a recent Twitch stream, Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahren, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, and Nick “Nmplol” Polom started to discuss Ross’ fast road to fame on the streaming platform. Sodapoppin asked the other streamers “where the fuck” Ross came from. Ludwig responded that Ross had “a bunch of connections in the LA scene” and appealed to a scene that the other streamers “will never hit.” 

Sodapoppin’s response, however, triggered Ross to lash out. Sodapoppin stated that Ross’ fans “only now two letters in the alphabet, W and L.” Nmplol responded that Ross’ fans were just “kids in high school who want to be cool.” At this point, Ross decided to reply to the mini roasting session. 

“Don’t disrespect my viewers like that,” Ross ranted on stream, calling out the popular streamers for being “unfunny.” 

Ross then called their fans “fat” and “pimple-faced” with “social problems.” Ross said he “wasn’t trying to be mean” but he couldn’t take the disrespect to his “toxic” viewers. 

Ludwig decided to privately reach out to Ross in an attempt to quell the drama. He told Ross he didn’t want any “bad blood.” In response, Ross leaked the message on his Twitter, calling Ludwig out for “coming at me and my community.” Ross then called Ludwig a “band geek.” This even prompted Ludwig’s girlfriend to attack Ross, causing the drama to continue getting wilder. 

Now, xQc has responded to the situation by taking Ross’ side. 

xQc calls out big streamers for bashing Adin Ross

xQc decided to discuss the drama on his May 31 stream, immediately taking Ross’s side in the sticky situation. xQc explained that he understood the situation Ross was in, since xQc also experienced a sudden rise in popularity in a short time. The sudden surge in popularity on Twitch is what made big streamers feel threatened by Ross, xQc noted. 

“Everybody is being kind of bitter and they kinda throw comments,” xQc said, referencing his own experience with sudden Twitch fame. 

To xQc, it seemed as though people were not embracing or welcoming Ross. Instead, they were lashing out at him out of jealousy and fear. xQc said this might make the offending streamers “feel empowered.” 

“Trying to limit everybody’s success and minimizing it… You just look like a fucking dumbass. And it’s just a joke. Shut up,” xQc ranted. 

The controversial former Overwatch League pro didn’t say any names. But after the recent stream with Sodapopin and Ludwig, most viewers assumed it was about those popular streamers’ reactions to Ross and his growing number of fans. 


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