xQc gains more views by sleeping for nine hours on live stream

Olivia Richman • June 29, 2019 2:00 pm

Twitch personality Felix “xQc” Lengyel recently made headlines, and it wasn’t for being a troll or raging at Fortnite. 

No, the former Overwatch League pro was in the news for sleeping. 

xQc spent nine hours during a 35-hour stream fast asleep. While he slept, xQc had YouTube videos autoplaying for his viewers. And yes, there were viewers. In fact, his average viewers during his time sleeping on stream was about 20 percent higher than during his other recent streams, according to Twitch statistic website SullyGnome

Before he passed out, xQc had played 26 hours of Overwatch, completing 45 matches. This is rare for xQc, who hasn’t streamed for 24 hours since he attempted to reach Overwatch’s top 500.

Will Twitch let xQc sleep? 


xQc even causes drama in his sleep. 

It may have seemed innocent enough to catch some winks while his followers closely watched. It may also have been a creepy act of voyeurism. But xQc was apparently at fault in this situation. 

According to Twitch’s rules and regulations, sharing content from other sites, including movies, television shows, and sports matches,is forbidden on the streaming platform. While asleep, xQc was streaming other people’s copyrighted content without permission, although exceptions have been made for reaction videos. But was xQc really reacting if he was knocked out at his desk? 

And that’s not the only law that xQc broke by just laying there asleep. 

According to Twitch’s former PR director Chase, being asleep on stream isn’t allowed. Not even under the IRL category that came out last year. 

Despite his blatant disregard for the rules by slumbering peacefully at his desk, xQc may not be punished by Twitch. The company often only bans or suspends streamers for copyright infringement after the content’s original owner informs Twitch of the incident. 

When it comes to sleeping on stream, it’s yet to be seen if xQc will face any consequences. So far, the streamer’s channel is still up. He was last seen streaming reactions to the television show Trading Spouses. 


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