xQc calls ZULUL supporters racist for wanting Twitch emote back

Olivia Richman • April 9, 22:15

Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel is calling out “racists” who want to see the ZULUL emote return to the streaming platform. 

In February 2021, Better Twitch TV removed the emote from its directory after multiple Twitch viewers called it “racist” for being a form of blackface. The ZULUL emote is basically the LUL emote but with a darker skin tone. Even though some in the streaming community have argued for its return, the platform has kept it unavailable. 

xQc decided to speak out about the ongoing controversy, seeming frustrated at the people who keep demanding for ZULUL’s return. He called out alleged racists for attempting to always “justify their shit.” 

“‘Yeah, but this, that, this, censoring, first amendment rights, second amendment juicer! I can’t blackface?! But this is art!'” xQc ranted, mocking the Twitch users that have demanded ZULUL come back to the platform. 

“You’re not an artist. You’re a racist,” xQc said. 

The majority of xQc’s chat seemed to agree that the ZULUL emote should stay off the platform. But there are some people in the Twitch community that call the emoji a “harmless joke” and want to see it brought back. The ZULUL emote is currently considered blackface, however, and will most likely not return to the platform. 


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