Xmithie explains Team Liquid’s loss to Cloud9, LCS playing faster

By Olivia Richman


Jul 29, 2019

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Team Liquid was unable to further their six-game win streak after losing to Cloud9 today. But despite the loss, Liquid is still in first place in the LCS Summer Split, maintaining their title as the best North American League of Legends team. 

Jake Kevin “Xmithie” Puchero, TL’s jungler, discussed his team’s loss and if they’re ready to take on other regions in the World Championship.

Cloud9 were the last to defeat you before you had a six-game win streak. How were you feeling going into the match?  

Xmithie: Pretty much the same as when we play every other team. No special treatment or anything. We try our best to not underestimate anyone. 

How do you feel about the loss?

It didn’t really feel that bad. We saw our mistakes immediately. We just messed up early and made crucial mistakes. We’ll be working on that for the playoffs. 

What were the big mistakes you noticed? 

I think just being indecisive and not focusing on our team composition or playstyle as much. Svenskeren actually played really well and was unpredictable. Their 2v2s are always really strong, and we just didn’t focus on that really well. 

When you saw Sneaky was back on the starting roster, what were your thoughts? Did you think this was good or bad for you? 

I think we knew they were going to start Sneaky again, seeing as they lost yesterday. I think it would have been the same result either way, though. 

Team Liquid has yet to take a game from Cloud9 this split. Why do you think that is? 

I’m not sure. As a team, they just play really well together. Their mid-jungle duo is really strong and they pick strong 2v2 champions to play. In the last two games, they played a new mid pick that we weren’t accustomed to yet. 

Outside of playing Cloud9, what has made you guys so dominant this split? 

I think our core players are just really good and play really well. Anyone on the team can carry. That’s why, if one person has an off game, there’s other teammates who can perform above and beyond what they usually do. That’s what’s great about this team. 

You’ve been on Team Liquid for a while now. What improvements have you seen thorughout your time with the team? 

When I started with TL I thought it was a really strong team. Pretty much all of us were veterans and knew how to play the game really well. We could adapt to any meta. That’s the biggest part. Whatever meta, we can adapt pretty well.

This year, we changed rosters and got even stronger. Anyone in any role can carry. That’s what makes us great. 

You are continuously called the top NA team and you’re in first place in the LCS. Do you feel this creates more pressure to perform? 

I thnk to a point it does. We were the last NA team to do well in an international tournament. Being the top NA team for us doesn’t hold that much compared to doing well internationally.

I still think it puts some pressure on us to perform better than everyone else. 

When you played against the EU teams in Rift Rivals, it seemed like you might struggle at first, but you went on to be the only LCS team to outperform the LEC teams. Do you feel you guys are ready to take on different regions in the World Championship? 

I think as a region we’re just behind, whether it be macro, mechanics, or comps. After Rift Rivals, we got more aggressive. I think all of the LCS teams did. Usually we’re always the slowest region, slower than Korea. We’re trying to change that and I think we’re going in a good direction. 

How did it feel to have a baby in the audience rooting for you to take out the trash? 

It’s always pretty cool that people who are gamers are introducing their kids to the game. That baby will be a gamer in the next generation.


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