WWE 2K23 will feature a playable John Cena action figure

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

In a first for the long-running wrestling series, the roster of WWE 2K23 will contain an action figure of John Cena in its playable roster.

Developer Visual Concepts is building up hype for WWE 2K23 with constant announcements before its March 17, 2023 release date. The latest WWE 2K23 announcement, just a day before its release, is a hilarious action figure skin for John Cena, which replaces the iconic wrestler with a plasticine model of himself.

The skin was revealed by the developers on March 16 as a final spoiler before the game drops. Early images show a ball-jointed Cena fighting in the ring and showing off his iconic catchphrase. Seeing it next to realistic wrestler models is a little jarring, but it’s definitely a fun way to switch up the action. Despite his strange anatomy, he moves as normal in the ring. 

WWE 2K23 John Cena action figure

WWE 2K23 marks a new era for the wrestling game series, as its the first followup to its soft reboot in 2022. The game took a break from its usual yearly release schedule in 2021, and developer Visual Concepts seems to have gotten some interesting ideas during the break.

In addition to a playable action figure, WWE 2K23 will feature other silly skins for players to enjoy.

WWE 2K23 to feature two John Cena meme skins

In addition to an action figure variant, John Cena will also get special treatment with an invisible skin. This alternate costume turns the wrestler entirely see-through, though his clothes and accessories remain visible. It’s a cheeky reference to his iconic theme song “You Can’t See Me,” which has become a meme even outside of the wrestling world.

WWE 2K23 John Cena invisible

Visual Concepts is keeping the lid shut on any other meme skins in WWE 2K23, but between action figure and invisible John Cena, there are likely other funny skins in the game. Players will have to wait until the release date of March 17, 2023 to learn for sure.


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