Wraith bug in Apex Legends turns the legend invincible to damage

Quentyn Kennemer • July 15, 19:15

Be careful when you encounter Wraith players in Apex Legends. A newly discovered glitch can make her permanently invincible.

A YouTube video shows someone spectating a Wraith who continually uses her Into the Void ability without a cooldown. The ability makes Wraith invulnerable and difficult to see for a short amount of time as she enters an incorporeal state.

The problem is that the “short” amount of time becomes infinite with this glitch, though there appears to be a very narrow window to strike her between activations.

Those who discovered it declined to share the method with the community in fears that the bug will be abused and ruin countless Apex Legends sessions. Some feel the decision to withhold the method behind the bug is counterproductive to the end goal of getting Respawn Entertainment to fix it.

Other astute players have already started theorizing how you could execute it. The video clearly shows that the glitch requires Wraith to perform a melee attack, but other prerequisites and triggers remain unknown since viewers can’t see the spectated player’s user interface. 

One commenter suggests the player is using a healing item to cancel the melee attack animation. They then use the attack to refresh the cooldown on her tactical ability.

It’s said that the bug is 100% reproducible across all platforms.

This isn’t the first time Wraith has transcended the scope of her abilities in Apex Legends. A previous bug allowed her to place infinite portals. The portals are capable of quickly transporting herself and her teammates across sizable distances.

Although the method to reproduce the glitch isn’t yet broadly known, it’s possible that developer Respawn reached out to the whistleblower to privately gather details. Respawn hasn’t yet commented on the issue, and there remains a variety of other bugs yet to be fixed.

Evidence of the glitch’s existence was posted to Reddit as far back as June 23. A stream highlight shows a Wraith player using it to block damage from the hazardous play zone and dodge incoming bullets from a full squad of three. That squad eventually hit her for the victory.


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