Worlds 2020 playoffs schedule

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 11, 2020

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With the 2020 League of Legends World Championship group stage in the books, it’s time to look ahead at the upcoming playoffs where the eight best teams will compete for the Summoner’s Cup. 

The next stage of the tournament will consist of four exciting quarterfinals, where eight teams will be cut down to just four. The knockout stage has a great lineup of teams, so take a look at the bracket and schedule for the last two weeks of Worlds 2020. 

Teams qualified for the Worlds 2020 playoffs

The final eight teams at Worlds 2020 includes a great mix of different regions, albeit without any LCS teams. China’s LPL and Korea’s LCK have been dominating the most, both with great overall records. G2 Esports is still to be feared though, as they will try to reach their second Worlds final in a row. 

The eight teams are. 

  • Suning (LPL)
  • G2 Esports (LEC)
  • DAMWON Gaming (LCK)
  • JD Gaming (LPL)
  • Gen.G (LCK)
  • Fnatic (LEC)
  • Top Esports (LPL)
  • DragonX (LCK)

Worlds 2020 playoffs schedule 

The 2020 Worlds playoffs has a straightforward single-elimination format with all series being best-of-five. The teams will have their endurance and ability to adapt tested. 

This stage is where legends are made and where teams crumble under the pressure. Fans can expect the highest level of League of Legends seen in 2020 and hopefully get a lot of action-packed games without too many one-sided stomps.

Quarterfinals: Thursday, October 15 – Sunday, October 18

Thursday, October 15

DAMWON Gaming vs. DragonX (3 AM PDT / 6 AM EDT / 12 AM CEST)

The two LCK teams will clash in the last quarterfinals and it’s predicted that DRX will have a very hard time. The two teams met each other in the 2020 LCK Summer Final, where DAMWON stomped DRX in a convincing 3-0 fashion. DAMWON is without a doubt the big favorites in this matchup and would need to have an extremely off day to lose this one. 

Friday, October 16

Suning vs. JD Gaming (3 AM PDT / 6 AM EDT / 12 AM CEST)

The first domestic matchup will be Suning vs. JD Gaming. The two teams have met twice in 2020, with JD Gaming coming out on top in both of them. For this matchup, Suning will have to play up to their best to win but it is by no means impossible. 

Saturday, October 17

Top Esports vs. Fnatic (3 AM PDT / 6 AM EDT / 12 AM CEST)

Fnatic has been placed in possibly the hardest matchup for them, having to take down tournament favorites Top Esports. Fnatic has proven that they can play good League of Legends, while Top Esports stumbles over FlyQuest. There is a slim chance for the LEC squad, but it will be very hard for them to take down the LPL champions. 

Sunday, October 18

Gen.G vs. G2 Esports (3 AM PDT / 6 AM EDT / 12 AM CEST)

G2 Esports got the most ideal opponent among all the first-seeded teams. Gen.G is considered the weakest of the four first seeds, after showing plenty of weakness in the group stage. Gen.G wants to play a slow style, while G2 can be very aggressive and punish. If Gen.G gets to play their scaling style, then G2 might have a hard time in team fights. 

Semifinals: Saturday, October 24 – Sunday, October 25

Saturday, October 24

G2 Esports vs. DAMWON Gaming (3 AM PDT / 6 AM EDT / 12 AM CEST)

Sunday, October 25

Top Esports vs. Suning (2 AM PDT / 5 AM EDT / 11 AM CEST)

Grand final: Saturday, October 31 

DAMWON Gaming vs. TBD (2 AM PDT / 5 AM EDT / 11 AM CEST)


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