Worlds 2020 Pick’Em semifinals predictions

By Melany Moncada


Oct 18, 2020

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The 2020 World Championship is coming to an end. Only four teams remain in the race for the Summoner’s Cup. It’s time for Worlds Pick’Em one more time, as viewers get to pick their favorites to win in semifinals.

This year, players get to pick the teams advancing to finals and then get to choose the World Champion. Each stage of pick’em grants different points. Predicting the winner of the tournament grants 20 points.

G2 Esports and DAMWON Gaming meet again

The rivalry between G2 Esports and DAMWON Gaming started in 2019. DAMWON qualified for the event as LCK’s third seed and had to fight its way to the main event. G2 arrived as the Mid-Season Invitational champion and favorite to take it all. The teams met in quarterfinals where G2 destroyed DAMWON.

The Korean squad took its time to learn and adapt, making it clear this is not the same team of debutants that G2 took down in 2019. As for G2, it’s fair to say that the team’s performance remains on the same level and even has gotten worse at times. While the team is having a good Worlds run, it’s impossible to forget the mistakes G2 committed in summer in the LEC.

DAMWON has only dropped one game in Worlds and even then, the team looked dominant. Against fellow LCK squad DRX, DAMWON dictated a master class in League of Legends. The scariest thing about DAMWON is how well it seems to adapt to its opponents, no matter what style the enemy plays.

G2 is yet to fix its early game issues an opening that DAMWON could easily exploit. DAMWON’s coach has been open about his wish for revenge. The team wants to do to G2 what G2 did to DAMWON last year. And in 2020, DAMWON is in the right position to get the win.

TOP Esports and Suning want to represent the LPL

The second team advancing to finals will be decided on October 25 with the match between TOP Esports and Suning. The LPL has guaranteed to have one representative in the finals and both squads look like strong contenders for the titles.

Suning took the entire community by surprise when it defeated JD Gaming in quarterfinals. It was the first time Suning defeated JD Gaming in 769 days. The key for the victory was the macro play and control over the neutral objectives. Suning played slow when it had to and waited for the right time to strike. This style, while effective against JDG, might not have the same effect against TES.

TES had fans on the edge of their seats in the series against Fnatic. The team dropped the first two games of the series and then went to complete the first reverse sweep in Worlds’ history. In game five, TES played a proactive game, going for ganks and securing every single objective on the map.

LPL teams have proved they can thrive in high-paced matches, but can also take things slow. In the match between Suning and TES, there will be blood. Viewers can expect many skirmishes around the map and around the objectives.

Suning had a good run, but it might be coming to an end. TES has the edge over the opponent and is looking like the favorite to take the series.

The 2020 World Championship resumes on October 24.


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