Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch in MultiVersus

Will MutiVersus add Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch for Halloween?

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 16, 2022

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MultiVersus players have already seen leaks for four new characters, but insiders aren’t holding back. Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch of the West are among the freshly data-mined characters. 

Warner Bros’ ensemble brawler has emerged as the top crossover game in a short time. Stats have revealed earth-shattering numbers on opening day and consistent growth in the player base, pointing at a promising future. The regular success could be attributed to the popular characters in the game that fans have grown up watching. From Tom and Jerry to Harley Quinn, MultiVersus has plucked stars out of tons of top franchises. 

Since the game’s release, the developer has rolled out new characters to keep players hooked. After unveiling Rick and Morty, MultiVersus confirmed DC villains Black Adam and Stripe the Gremlin as upcoming villains. But leakers have even more news. AisulMV has revealed an audio file containing Wicked Witch and Beetlejuice’s announcer dialogues. The latter’s audio directly refers to the Wicked Witch as a playable hero. 

  • Is someone going to Oz? If so, I missed that memo
  • Not time to hit that Yellow Brick Road yet
  • I’ve teamed up with a green-skinned angel

Beetlejuice’s voice lines have since been removed due to copyright, but players can still listen into some of Wicked Witch’s voice lines. This particular leak has also been confirmed by credible MultiVersus leaker Susie, who shared in-game codes that pointed at the creepy duo as upcoming characters. With that info, it’s safe to say that Beetlejuice will be a playable character with the Wicked Witch as a new announcer.

Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch to release in MultiVersus

So far, the developer has introduced similar fighters in pairs. Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch are both on the horror beat, suggesting they might enter the squad in the Halloween update. That being said, players should expect two new playable characters in October.

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Currently, there are four fighters lined up for MultiVersus. Rick and Morty will be available on 23 August, and Black Adam and Stripe will join next. There’s likely no new fighter slated for the beginning of season one. Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch could possibly enter somewhere in October. Whatever the case, players may want to begin stacking up plenty of Gleamium as new characters can quickly be unlocked through in-game currency or more slowly by playing the game.


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