Will CodeMiko be permanently banned from Twitch?

Olivia Richman • January 20, 06:01

Fans of virtual streamer CodeMiko are wondering if she is soon to be permanently banned from Twitch. 

CodeMiko was banned from Twitch for the third time. The reason for the ban is unknown and the length is also a mystery. Fans of the virtual streamer speculated that it was because she used the word “simp,” which Twitch recently banned due to it being a “derogatory phrase.” 

Another speculation has also started circulating around CodeMiko’s ban. The streamer was apparently drunk during a recent stream in which she interviewed PayMoneyWubby. Twitch does have some rules against drinking excessively during a live broadcast, and it can even get streamers permanently banned. 

Since Twitch doesn’t publicly divulge why content creators get banned there’s no way to know why CodeMiko was banned unless she tells fans herself. Until then, fans are unsure how long the virtual streamer will be off the platform this time. It could be forever. 

Who is CodeMiko?

CodeMiko is a virtual streamer who typically uses an avatar created with Unreal Engine software instead of showing her actual face on stream. The avatar mimics her mannerisms and movements, including her facial expressions, thanks to her motion-capture suit. The suit allegedly cost her over $13,500.

CodeMiko often streams “IRL” content, including interviews with other streamers. She has also streamed games like Animal Crossing and Among Us. 

VTubers and virtual streamers are growing more popular every day. CodeMiko herself has nearly 360,000 followers on Twitch. 

Why was CodeMiko banned?

In September, CodeMiko was banned twice from the streaming platform. One of these times, CodeMiko was banned for a joke that may have offended some. According to CodeMiko, she has a feature where viewers can send her a $1 for a “D” pic. The “D” pic was literally the letter itself in a photo. 

“But Twitch thought I meant real dick pics. So they suspended me for selling pornography on the stream,” CodeMiko said. 

Even though CodeMiko was just banned for the third time, Twitch usually only permanently bans streamers who were banned three times within three months. It’s been a bit longer than that between CodeMiko’s bans, meaning that the virtual streamer will most likely be back at some point. 


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