Why there could soon be more League of Legends shows like Arcane

Nicholas James • March 14, 2022 3:24 pm

Riot Games has acquired a large portion of equity in the creator of hit Netflix show Arcane, Fortiche Production. Does that mean that more League of Legends shows are soon to be on the way?

Arcane was an absolute smash hit for Riot Games, which has carefully been expanding its presence into more traditional media areas. From topping music charts with projects like K-Pop band KDA, to its hit Netflix adaptation, this latest development seems to confirm that Riot Games wants more League of Legends shows.

Riot buying into Fortiche bodes well for League of Legends shows

Arcane, the animated adaptation of League of Legends on Netflix, launched in November of 2021 alongside the end of the 2021 World Championship in Iceland. The show smashed the low bar for video game adaptations and become one of the highest-rated Netflix original series of all time. That success isn’t going unnoticed by Riot, which publicly stated its intention to continue to dominate the industries it participates in and has now followed up by buying into Fortiche Production.

Riot Games announced that it was purchasing a significant portion of the equity for Fortiche Production, doubling down on an already successful partnership. Fortiche has long been a working partner of Riot Games for music videos and similar projects, but Arcane’s ability to succeed in the streaming space has clearly encouraged the massive developer to get more involved with the French animation studio.

This seems to make certain that not only will fans be receiving the already-announced Arcane Season 2, but likely other League of Legends shows as well. From Freljord to Demacia and Noxus, League of Legends’ world is ripe with opportunities for similar shows to Arcane, seasons that explore the origins and adventures of League of Legends’ champions.

Fortiche will remain independent from Riot apart from Riot’s new position on the production company’s board of directors. Notably, Riot specifically calls out Arcane as “Riot Games’ first series for television,” practically confirming that Riot plans to launch additional new properties in the space.


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