Why some bonuses are good when betting on esports

By William Davis


Feb 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Esports betting has largely grown over the last several years. Looking at some of the world’s leading gambling websites, we can see that many provide all kinds of perks to esports players. Some providers allow new users to get additional funds and use them on various things. Promotions have a key role in online betting, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the best in the business use them to promote their services.

Despite their advantages, some online bettors don’t use any online betting promotions as they find them not to be worth it, whereas others believe they will have to spend more money to get something. This is true up to a point because not all iGaming operators offer bonuses that are worth it.

Fortunately, some companies are better than others, providing online bettors with plenty of options. Let’s check out why bonuses like the 22bet bonus for new players can be good when betting on esports.

Some offers will give access to additional opportunities

Although some esports bettors make substantial deposits because they want to wager a lot of money, others are on a budget and don’t have that option. Thankfully, some operators have an attractive welcome bonus that will double people’s initial transactions.

After acquiring the promotion, people who like Dota 2 and other titles will have more funding to bet on their favorite teams. What’s interesting about esports is that some markets provide better odds compared to their equivalent in regular sports. 

Offers are available on the go

Unlike many online gambling operators that only have desktop promotions, the best in the business optimize everything. As a result, people who want to use their services and bet on the go can test the esports promotions they like on the brand’s application or the company’s mobile site.

The good news is that some brands have excellent mobile services, which means esports bettors will have many options. They can choose from the same markets, use all of the popular features, and access the bonuses.

Low bonus requirements

Regardless of the esports you want to bet on, the fact that you want to use a bonus to place bets means that you adhere to the promo’s rules. Although some bookmakers have strict requirements that their clients must adhere to, not all brands are like that regarding esports. People interested in those things can find many propositions with user-friendly requirements, meaning they can use them for all sorts of things.

Interestingly, some brands’ offers that people can use while betting on esports has low wagering requirements. This may come as a surprise because most of the big platforms for esports punting require people to use their bonuses at least 20 times, if not more. 

Learning more about the specific proposition rules before placing any bets is always a great idea. Even though most operators will allow promos to be used on all esports, there might be some limitations, so one should be familiar with them. Being responsible and learning as much as possible is vital before playing.


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