Why isn’t the Bloody Wolf in Elden Ring’s starting classes?

By Nicholas James


Apr 2, 2022

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The Bloody Wolf was a starting class present in the Elden Ring network test that didn’t make it to the full game, but what was the Bloody Wolf?

Elden Ring has many starting classes, which decide the initial stat distributions and starting gear that determine the player’s playstyle and strengths early on. The Bloody Wolf was one of the Elden Ring starting classes during the game’s limited[-time network test but isn’t present in the final version. What was the Bloody Wolf and how can you replicate its playstyle now?

What was the Bloody Wolf in Elden Ring?

The Bloody Wolf was a strength-focused starting class that got cut from the game before its final release. The hybrid class began with a good set of armor and a shield and sword. The class was similar to the Hero, but focused on higher strength and endurance for heavier weapons and armor.

It didn’t make it to the game’s release, but it’s still possible to replicate its playstyle. The Hero and Vagabond are the closest starting classes to the Bloody Wolf, with the Hero’s singular focus on strength being similar to the Bloody Wolf. The Hero class starts with less armor, so make sure to pick up an improved set after starting the game.

If you have the time, the Blood Wolf’s armor set can still be collected by joining Volcano Manor and going on two hunts with Recusant Bernahl.

Looking to wield a greatsword while wearing heavy armor was the favored playstyle of many Bloody Wolf players during the network test, and that’s still a viable strategy. Those looking for a magical endgame might consider leaning into intelligence in order to wield the most iconic FromSoftware greatsword, the Moonlight Greatsword.

Why isn’t the Bloody Wolf in Elden Ring anymore?

The Bloody Wolf was likely removed in order to make room for the Vagabond and Hero classes.

The Bloody Wolf was one of just five starting classes in the network test, while the full game has ten separate classes. The Bloody Wolf seems to have had its generalist nature split up into more specialized classes like the Hero, Vagabond, and even Samurai. FromSoftware clearly decided to split apart the starting classes from the network test into multiple options, with the Hero getting the Bloody Wolf’s strength and the Vagabond getting their emphasis on armor.


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