Why is Valorant updating so slow? How to fix the issue

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Players are eager to grab the new patch each time Riot Games roll out new content, but slow download speed can sometimes dampen the fun. 

Minor updates are easier to tackle, even for low-end PCs and slow internet. However, massive updates like the previous 3.0 Valorant patch can take up a large chunk of PC performance and internet speed. It becomes even harder to tackle when patches feature skin packs and in-game content, even if you have high download speed. 

This problem is pretty common among the Valorant players as each region has one dedicated server for patch updates. Traffic can sometimes be a contributing factor, but it’s primarily minor mistakes on players’ end that cause the slow Valorant update download speed. 

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How to fix Valorant update slow issue?

The slow download can be fixed by avoiding certain things players do while the patch is being installed. If Valorant is downloading painfully slow, here are some things you can do.

Minimizing client during download

If you don’t own an ultra-premium PC and have low-speed internet, try to avoid using other applications while you’re downloading the new patch. Your low-end machine can only tackle a few tasks at a time, and minimizing Riot client to do other stuff will take up most of the PC performance and internet speed. Keep the Riot client open while updating downloads. 

Close applications running in the background 

Do a background application check before hitting “download” on the new Valorant patch. Often players have heavy applications and streaming services running in the background that take up their bandwidth. An easy and quick way to close apps in the background is through Task Manager, so you get the max internet speed for the Valorant patch. 

If your issue still persists, you can try some other fixes for the slow Valorant download speed. Here are two essential solutions to the problem. 

Reset Router 

Resetting your router might give you a stable internet connection. You can reset your router’s cache by unplugging both the router and the modem. Replug it after waiting for a minute or so. This will allow rid if of any errors that may be hindering the speed. If there’s an unintended device connected to your internet and clogging your bandwidth, a router reset should get it off your network.

Add a DNS resolver

Troubleshooting your DNS may help you in the update, but try adding a DNS resolver if it doesn’t. is a popular, fast, and secure DNS resolver that might help with internet speed.