why did spotify log me out

Why did Spotify log me out? How to log back into your account

By Olivia Richman


Jun 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

You hop into the car for a long car ride, plug your phone into the aux card, and get ready to listen to some music while you drive only to discover you were logged out of Spotify. At this point, you’re probably wondering, “Why did Spotify log me out?”

Spotify is used to listen to music, podcasts, and even standup comedy acts. People love making playlists of their favorite songs from certain genres and then playing them while they run, drive, exercise, clean, or anything else. But once in a while, Spotify will log you out of your account.

Getting logged out of Spotify is actually a common issue. It’s even more common for people who have Spotify logged in on multiple devices. When you change your password on one device, Spotify will log you and others out of other devices you’re logged into as a security measure.

Another common reason why Spotify logs you out is if your account has been hacked. Check your email to see if Spotify sent you a message asking you to confirm a password change.

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Other reasons Spotify logged you out

Payment issues are another common reason for a Spotify account to be logged out. Sometimes premium subscriptions expire and you will be logged out if you don’t pay for it to continue. If you haven’t canceled your subscription, it could be due to a rejected payment. Another user sharing your account may also have canceled your subscription without you knowing.

How to log back into Spotify if you were logged out

The first thing you should do is check out the Spotify Status Twitter account. You’ll be able to see if Spotify is down for everyone else and even find out when the issue may be resolved. You can also check the Spotify Cares account or talk to a representative. If Spotify is down, there’s no option but to wait.

If it’s due to a password change, you can reset your password on the dedicated password reset site. Make sure to notify everyone else using your account so they can also log back in without panicking or attempting to reset it themselves. This will also log out any hackers on their devices.


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