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Why crypto betting is becoming more popular in esports

By William Davis


Nov 15, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

More and more people are playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and other popular competitive titles. And more and more people are watching them. It comes as no surprise that betting on these esports is becoming more and more popular, too. It’s only expected to become even more popular in the future, as esports continues to grow. 

In recent years, sportsbooks have noticed the increase in demand for esports betting. And after understanding the potential, bookmakers have quickly implemented a sports betting feature that allows punters to wager on the outcome of some of the greatest gaming competitions, including the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships and the League of Legends World Championship.

The best thing about esports betting is that the markets are similar to those of traditional wagering, meaning that bettors can get odds on statistics of different teams and better predict which team will emerge the winner. Websites like provide not only betting analysis on upcoming tournaments, but have recent esports news that better helps bettors understand the team and its players. 

Bettors looking to get into esports betting should join one of the top crypto sports betting sites to enjoy their gambling journey. These sites are becoming more and more popular, and it is because of several key factors. 

Security is Top-Notch at Crypto Sites

Engineered with security in mind, cryptocurrencies have built-in protections against fraud, identity theft, and any other malicious third-party infringements. The only time that bettors will need to provide information is when they purchase crypto at an exchange. When depositing at the crypto sportsbook, they do not need to provide any financial or personal information. 

Crypto payment options are ideal for people uncomfortable with giving a bookmaker more sensitive information. All they need is a private key and a unique crypto address. 

Bigger Bonuses and Promotions on Crypto Deposits

Crypto sports betting is advantageous for both bettors and sportsbooks. To popularize the use of cryptocurrencies, many bookmakers offer more attractive bonuses and promotions for crypto deposits than with traditional currencies. In most cases, crypto bonuses are up to two times bigger. Some of the most popular offers include welcome deals, reload bonuses and VIP rewards.

Crypto Transactions Are Much Faster

It doesn’t matter whether bettors are making a deposit or withdrawal at their favorite bookmaker; using cryptocurrency guarantees faster transactions. All deposits are processed instantly, while withdrawals only take a few minutes. 

When making payments through traditional banking methods, deposits and withdrawals can take minutes, days, or even weeks to process. But when using any cryptocurrency option, faster transactions are ensured. 

Final Thoughts

Crypto and esports are both popular among sports bettors. This is because they offer several benefits. Crypto betting allows players to remain anonymous and offers top-notch security, not to mention faster transactions and attractive bonuses and promotions.

Esports provide players with much-needed entertainment and betting opportunities. Players can place wagers from anywhere, anytime, since they are available on mobile devices. Also, esports are not affected by real-life conditions, meaning they cannot be postponed or cancelled. There’s always exciting matches to make some money on.