Why casinos are getting involved in esports

By William Davis


Jul 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The gaming industry is reaching new heights. Each passing year we have more companies that are focusing on game development. As a result, video games are practically everywhere, even in high-security prison wings. 

This rapid growth is also reflected in esports, another fast-growing industry that revolves around gaming. Just a few decades ago, kids used to compete in a local mall, whereas today these are spectacular events and professional players earn a lot of money. Even casinos are jumping onto this hype train and getting into esports. 

Special areas in casinos 

Land-based gambling venues are known to have rooms dedicated to specific games, which is why there is a room for poker, room for slots, and so on. Nowadays, casinos are getting excited about the esports rooms and some institutions in Las Vegas are already creating their esports area.

It’s still too early to say if this is the right business move but it seems logical to try. If esports events are popular you can get a lot of new visitors who wish to spectate those events. So, chances are some of these visitors will spend some time and money at a casino as well. 

Casinos and sports betting

Casinos are often associated with sports betting and sports betting operators also have some casino games on their site or even their brick-and-mortar institution. 

Of course, if the provider is registered in a country where gambling is prohibited or if they don’t have a license, they won’t offer casino games. Yet, if you were to go over beste online casino review, you’ll see that some of these sites offer sports betting in addition to slots, poker, and other table games. As a result, there are esports betting options there as well. 

Potential promotions 

Esports is currently huge but it’s still not on the same level as some of the popular sports like football. However, with more funds and sponsorships they can continue with this upward trajectory. 

All things considered, it’s an extremely fun phenomenon and this is an opportunity for operators to promote their games as well. Casinos and betting operators often sponsor various sports teams, and these sponsorship deals really help clubs advance. So, chances are the same thing will start happening to esports. 

Clearly, these rapid changes are not exactly around the corner, mainly because certain regions have strict laws when it comes to gambling. So, it’s possible that some of the teams will start getting these sponsorship offers but not all of them. However, if you organize casinos competitions in their own area, they will have a better opportunity to promote their content. 

These were some of the main reasons why casinos are becoming increasingly interested in competitive gaming events. It’s mostly a wise move from a business perspective given how the esports games are fundamentally different from those at a casino.