Most popular Valorant agent

Who’s the most popular Valorant agent in Episode 4?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant continues to evolve with each patch, resulting in an ever-changing meta and constantly evovling agent pick priorities. But who’s the most popular agent in Valorant Episode 4? 

Valorant’s meta evolves with each patch thanks to regular tweaks from developer Riot Games. A map revamps, weapon balance changes, and agent buffs keep the game interesting. Due to these constant changes, Valorant meta never gets stale. Episode 4 has transformed the game yet again, bringing new faces to the top of the game’s agent pick rate. 

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In Episode 4, Jett is the most popular agent with the highest playtime. The air range is picked by 31% of Valorant players for her deadly blades and mobility. 

While Jett may be famous, Sova is leading the chart with the highest win rate. Despite a high learning curve, the recon master remains powerful, prompting players to pick him across multiple maps. A few select Valorant agents excel on all maps, and Sova is a versatile Initiator who break can open sites. Due to his great adaptability, about 14.8% of players choose him to increase the odds of winning. If your team has Sova, your chances of winning increase tenfold according to Valorbuff

Chamber has a higher pick rate than Sova, but his custom arsenal doesn’t warrant as many wins. His win-loss ratio is comparatively lower than Sova at Platinum ranks. However, he sure adds to the scoreboard. So if players pick him along with a good intel-gatherer, it’s a potential win. 

In the controller squad, Brimstone is ruling the scene. The old pack-leader has finally laddered up with the recent buffs, netting a 6.7% pick rate with a high win rate to go along with it. His smokes and Stim Beacon have finally become viable for his entire team.

Brimstone’s ranking proves that the Viper meta is finally over. The poison dealer enjoys a high playtime, but her win rate is lower than Brimstone’s. This means that players would eventually move on from Viper. 

Sage and Reyna remain consistent picks in Valorant with balanced win rates. Both characters are picked generously across all maps and are still popular in Episode 4. Reyna may not be the professional player’s favorite, but her self-sufficiency has many players hooked.

Who’s the best healer in Valorant? 

In the healing department, Sage and Skye are neck and neck with similar numbers. While Sage is picked more, Skye has a better chance of winning.

Both agents are equally viable in the current patch. Sage is often selected for her unique ultimate that brings back the dead, which Skye is incapable of. However, Skye’s intel-gathering is top-notch. The stats also show that Sage paired with Killjoy make for an unbeatable duo.

Killjoy is better known as a jack of all trades. The Sentinel is a must-have on most maps as she increases her team’s chances of winning significantly, according to the numbers.