Who is Momokun and why do some cosplayers dislike her?

Olivia Richman • July 13, 21:27

Mariah “Momokun” Mallad is a cosplayer who has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Whether it’s Princess Peach, Spider Demon Mother, or Lady Dimitrescu, Momokun is known for cosplaying characters across anime and video games, often increasing their sex appeal in doing so. But Momokun has been the target of hate for quite some time. Why is that? 

Momokun has consistently received hate from the cosplay community for what are preceived by some to be overly sexual cosplays. She has also been targeted for her weight. Her pictures are often shared around video game forums for people to mock her appearance and call her names relating to her weight. While this is certainly unfair, some in the cosplay community feel they have a reason to harass the content creator. In 2018, there was an attempt to cancel Momokun for allegedly groping and harassing other cosplayers. 

Did Momokun sexually harass people at cosplay conventions?

On July 3, 2018, a booth at Anime Expo 18 announced that Momokun would be having a meet and greet. This caused one follower to state that Momokun “sexually harasses people at cons.” 

Once this person spoke up, others also came forward. Cosplayers and convention attendees started to discuss Momokun’s behavior, including grabbing at other cosplayers and convention-goers. The booth, Dere Love Club, ultimately canceled Momokun’s meet and greet. Creators Guild also ended their association with the cosplayer. 

In response to the accusations and related videos, Momokun stated that her ADHD caused her to act inappropriately sometimes. This didn’t sit well with the cosplay community, and Momokun took a break from the scene. 

Did Momokun have plastic surgery? 

Momokun was already under scrutiny before the groping. She once created an Instagram post where she explained how she was bullied in high school for being fat. The description under the post explained that people should treat everyone with kindness since you never know who they will grow up to be. Some took it as Momokun saying that people only deserved respect if they would one day be considered “hot.” 

Later in 2017, Momokun tweeted how proud she was of losing weight. In the post, Momokun said it was from diet and exercise. When called out over the swiftness of her weight loss, Momokun said she “cut out carbs” and had a trainer. But followers were already pointing out the dots on her stomach. Momokun had been getting liposuction, which is when fat is removed from certain areas of the body. She admitted to it later on in a video. 

Why do people hate Momokun?

Momokun has been called out consistently for her behavior towards others in the cosplay community. There is a video of her being racist towards an Asian cosplayer at a convention. Another cosplayer accused Momokun of kicking at pieces of her friend’s cosplay. Other accounts claim Momokun refused to take photos with fans.

Photographers have also shared frustration with Momokun. She allegedly demanded a photographer make her look thinner in the photo. When the photographer refused, Momokun demanded to have the “raw files” to edit herself. Momokun then shared the photo without crediting the photographer. She has also taken credit for cosplay pieces that other people have made for her. 

Momokun has done charity streams in the past that people felt were a bit sketchy. She once said that proceeds from a print she was selling would go to charity, but then took months to send people the sold prints. Someone claimed she also raised the prices of her prints to make a profit on top of the amount that was to be donated, but this claim was never verified. 

Despite all of the controversy around her, Momokun still has a lot of fans throughout social media who support her work due to her quality photo sets and fun and sexy costumes. 


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