Who is Kwan Ha in the Halo show? Here’s the character’s story

By Nicholas James


Apr 6, 2022

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Kwan Ha is a new character introduced in the live-action Halo show on Paramount Plus, but who is she? And does she have any roots in the games?

Kwan Ha is introduced in the first episode as the daughter of rebel leader Jin Ha, living a relatively peaceful life on the outer rim planet of Madrigal. After a Covenant excavation force attacks the rebel outpost as part of their search for a Forerunner Keystone, Kwan Ha is taken along with Master Chief on a rapidly escalating adventure. Kwan Ha is played by actress Yerin Ha.

Who is Kwan Ha in the Halo show?

Kwan Ha is the young daughter of rebel leader Jin Ha whose execution is ordered after she refuses to be a mouthpiece for the United Nations Space Command.

Master Chief refuses to go through with carrying out her illegitimate death sentence and goes rogue. Kwan Ha is then delivered to The Rubble to live in safety with rogue Spartan Soren-066.

Kwan Ha is one of many new characters introduced to the Silver Timeline. She is tied to a new wrinkle of the Halo show’s narrative, which is growing discontent among human space colonies. The United Earth Government often neglects the needs of these distant planets, and militant uprisings to try and secure independence from the UEG.

Within the original canon, the Spartan-II program was conceived as a way to quell these uprisings. A “moral deus ex machina” arrives in the form of the Covenant, which means the Master Chief is never deployed against humans. In the Silver Timeline of the Halo show, the Covenant arrive later. This means Spartans were actually used as a brutal paramilitary force.

Kwan Ha is set up as a foil to Petty Officer Master Chief John-117 to show a distinctly human side to Master Chief’s transhuman coin. It’s later revealed that the Master Chief killed Kwan Ha’s mother on a Spartan deployment, though his mission was assigned under false pretenses by the ONI. Kwan Ha is likely to serve as a way for Master Chief to try and redeem himself following his actions under ONI as the show progresses.


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