Who is Soren-066, the rogue Spartan in the Halo show?

By Nicholas James


Mar 31, 2022

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A new character has been introduced in the live-action Halo adaptation. Here’s everything you need to know about Soren-066 in the Halo show.

Master Chief visits an old friend in the second episode of the Halo show on Paramount Plus, a rogue Spartan recruit who many fans won’t recognize from the games. However, Soren does exist in the canon of the Halo games, introduced in the 2004 book Halo: Evolutions in a short story by B. K. Evenson named “Pariah.”

Who is Soren-066 in the Halo show?

Soren-066 is a Spartan recruit who fled the Spartan-II program before receiving his biological enhancements.

He runs a black market asteroid outpost called the Rubble. Soren-066 in Halo: Evolutions is one of the many candidates to wash out of the Spartan program due to incompatibility with the biological enhancements. This is one of many slight tweaks made to Halo canon by the Halo show, turning Soren from a failed candidate to a recruit who consciously fled ONI’s horrifying program.

After going rogue and fleeing the UNSC on Reach, Master Chief and rebel Kwan Ha visit the Rubble to talk to Soren-066. Soren is referred to as the boss by the armed guards of the station and takes time to catch up with Master Chief. Soren is being used as a distinct foil to Master Chief, a man who chose to step away from the Office of Naval Intelligence’s amorality and take up a relatively peaceful family life.

With the Forerunner keystone artifact awakening John’s memories of his life before being kidnapped and augmented by ONI, Soren’s peaceful life with a wife and son stands in stark contrast to Master Chief’s lonely, weaponized existence.

In Pariah, Soren’s anesthesia during his augmentation wears off and he wakes up, assaulting the doctors and trying to flee in fear. This costly interruption leaves Soren-066’s arms and legs misshapen and warped in various ways, something that seems to be mirrored in the show with Soren having a disfigured arm, presumably from botched enhancement surgery.


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