Who is iDubbz’s girlfriend? Fans accuse iDubbz of being a simp

By Olivia Richman


Mar 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

YouTuber Ian “iDubbz” Carter used to be known as the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to mess with. Once he made a Content Cop about you, you were basically canceled. His content cop about Tana Mongeau even featured him showing up to her failed convention to confront her about her use of racial slurs. 

Basically, you didn’t want to ever end up in one of his videos. 

But iDubbz has decided to change his content a bit in the past few years. It seems he’s done with the content creator drama and has decided to start making YouTube videos about Chex Mix, peanut mixes, and beating up food mascots. He also grew a mustache and has made some other changes to his appearance, like shaving off parts of his hair. 

This change in content might be why fans have felt safer coming after the once-feared YouTuber. But why did they want to go after him? His girlfriend, Anisa Jomha, started an OnlyFans. 

Who is IDubbz’s girlfriend?

iDubbz and Anisa started dating in 2011. She has largely remained out of the spotlight, though she has also streamed. A few YouTubers have made videos about Anisa, accusing her of antisemitism after she said that some good research had come from experiments performed during the Holocaust. She was also under fire for standing up for men accused of pedophilia and mocking overweight women after attempting to spread body positivity in her videos. 

But the real controversy seemed to begin when Anisa announced that she would be starting an OnlyFans, which was a bit earlier than when the OnlyFans craze began in earnest. 

Upon hearing the news, some of iDubbz’s fans decided to call him a “simp” all over social media. iDubbz stated at the time that he was fine with the jokes at his expense. But he got quite worked up about fans who said they felt “betrayed” or “lied to.” iDubbz said he couldn’t find any proof of a previous stance where he proclaimed he was against his girlfriend posting half-naked photos on OnlyFans. 

“I don’t want you to look up to me,” iDubbz said. “You do realize there are guys out there in private right now jacking off to your girlfriend? I’m okay with sex workers and girls being slutty. It has no bearing on my life whatsoever. The sooner you realize that for yourself, the better.” 

Many respected iDubbz’s support for his girlfriend, and saw it as sign of maturity. While Anisa has still been dealing with some harassment online, the two seem like they have a good handle on the trolls. 


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