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Who is Facilitatur in Apex Legends?

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Facilitatur may have temporarily acquired the #1 Apex Predator slot, but he’s famous for a completely different, nefarious reason.

Seasoned Apex Legends players are all aware of the infamous Facilitatur, a player who’s often seen lurking in the top Apex ranks, but why is he so famous? Here’s all we know about Facilitatur and what happened to him.

Who is Facilitatur?

Facilitatur is a former #1 Apex Predator and now a banned cheater. He’s been accused of mingling with serial cheaters and hacking in ranked games, snatching the top rank by unfair means. 

Facilitatur has been caught cheating multiple times in the past on different platforms. While no one could prove he was cheating at that time, those who played against him could swear that he has some hacks on. Facilitatur would often be seen shooting down an unseen player with ease, a hack now attributed to Strike pack, a unique hardware cheat. 

His advanced cheats helped him evade hardware bans for some time until he got caught on live stream. The accused got banned during Apex’s recent ban wave, turning into a Death Box. The moment was caught from LegendJuice’s POV, who was playing a ranked game against Facilitatur. 

This was later confirmed by Respawn, who said it removed many hackers from the game in a ban wave. 

Top Apex Predator banned in Apex Legends

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Since his ban, the player has shared video proof of other top-ranked Predators cheating, which further attests to the cheating issue in Apex Legends. What it doesn’t do is proof that Facilitatur didn’t cheat to get to the #1 rank. The player hasn’t tried hard to defend himself either, posting a simple thank you message on his social media. 

“Thank you, Apex, & all the dope people I’ve met for everything,” he said. 

Only time will tell if Facilitatur makes another comeback after his fourth ban. So far, it seems unlikely, considering his thank you note.