Which Tekken 7 newcomers will return for Tekken 8?

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 13, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Will Tekken 8 look to Tekken 7 to fill out its roster or will fans need to start looking for a new main?

Leroy Smith has been confirmed for Tekken 8 to mixed reactions from fans. However, his appearance confirms that at least some of the newest names and faces from Tekken 7 will be returning for Tekken 8. Bandai Namco is slowly revealing the roster for the game before its ambiguous 2023 release, and fans who got into the franchise with Tekken 7 are waiting with bated breath to see if their favorites will return.

Here’s a breakdown of each character that debuted in 7 and their odds of making a comeback in the launch roster for 8.

These Tekken 7 characters are practically guaranteed for 8

The most likely Tekken 7 newcomer to return to Tekken 8 is probably Claudio. The Italian exorcist was a big hit with newer players thanks to his flashy appearance, straightforward gameplay, and jumpscare hop kick.

Second place likely goes to Lucky Chloe, whose unique identity in gameplay and appearance make her stand out from the crowd. However, her release controversy makes her not quite as guaranteed as Claudio.

Claudio Tekken 7

New players who didn’t like Claudio would often gravitate towards Katarina and Josie, making them very likely inclusions for the new roster. Both characters have very accessible gameplans with occasional deep runs in tournaments. It’ll be interesting to see how both fighters use the new gameplay mechanics, assuming they’re available in the launch roster.

Josie Tekken 7

Lastly, the final batch of original Tekken 7 DLC characters stands a very good chance of being in Tekken 8. Lidia and Fahkumram both have unique gameplay identities, and they were also very popular upon release. Leroy Smith is already confirmed, paving the way for his fellow DLC compatriots.

Sorry Tekken fans, these names and faces aren’t coming back

Kazumi Mishima was a controversial character in Tekken 7 thanks to her simple moveset and impressive tournament results, but the ongoing story has basically eliminated her chance of staying in the series. Gigas has no story problem preventing his return, but he was infamously bad and unpopular for the entirety of Tekken 7’s lifespan, so he’s an unlikely inclusion for the launch roster.

Gigas Tekken 7

Shaheen and Master Raven share a similar position as characters that aren’t necessarily unique enough to warrant a return. Master Raven is meant to be the spiritual sequel of Raven from the older games, so there’s a chance her gameplay will at least be preserved. Shaheen, however, has very few distinctive traits. With standing 4 kicks no longer launching on counterhit, it may be best for him to take a break.

Shaheen Tekken 7

Lastly, the diverse set of crossover characters stand almost no chance of coming back to the game. Akuma and Geese Howard will be gone to the delight of many competitive players, while Negan and Noctis are extremely unlikely to come back. However, it’s safe to expect at least one surprise crossover to make a splash before the game’s launch.