Where will Andrew Tate stream after his release from prison?

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 9, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The controversial social media influencer and flagbearer of “toxic masculinity,” Andrew Tate, has been banned from all notable social media platforms but still boasts a solid internet presence. 

The red pill extremist — and “Top G” to his followers — is finally out of prison after spending three months behind bars on the charges of rape and human trafficking. The counts haven’t yet been proved against him, but the court has him under house arrest as the investigation continues. But Tate’s fans aren’t worried, as Top G sends out motivational tweets daily. 

Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode of “Emergency Meeting,” the popular Andrew Tate podcast. But where is he streaming, considering his mainstream ban and strict policies on streaming platforms? 

Where does Andrew Tate stream? 

Andrew Tate lighting a cigar

Andrew Tate will likely mark his live-streaming return on Rumble on his account dubbed “TateSpeech“. He did have an account on Twitch but Tate deleted his profile and moved to Rumble in 2020 before he was banned there as well.

Rumble has comparatively lax ToS to other streaming platforms and claims to be “cancer culture free.” Instead of recommending videos based on users’ likes, Rumble chronologically pushes content. Currently, it houses social media personalities who have been banished from respectable platforms for being inappropriate. 

Andrew Tate reportedly signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Rumble to stream on the platform. Rumble anticipated a “max exodus” to their platform from competitors, and while that didn’t happen, Rumble did see a surge in their viewership soon after Tate announced the switch. He boasts 1.13 million followers on Rumble in April and 700K views on his last episode of Emergency Meeting. 

It’s safe to say Andrew Tate’s podcast career is taking off on Rumble, as he started off with mere 4-5K views on each podcast. However, his fans anticipate that the upcoming Emergency Meeting would rope in fresh eyes due to the recent prison episode. 

So, those looking to watch Andrew Tate post-prison should keep an eye out at his Rumble because the rest of the platforms have sidelined him for sexist and problematic content.