Where to get the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Mar 14, 2022

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The Hoarfrost Stomp is a powerful AoE weapon art in Elden Ring that unleashes a wave of ice in front of you, here’s how to find it.

The Hoarfrost Stomp is found in the northwestern portion of Liurnia on the Lake, next to Caria Manor. It’s possible to acquire this item before doing the questlines in Raya Lucaria Academy, but most Elden Ring players will come this way after defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in the academy’s grand library.

Find the Hoarfrost Stomp near Caria Manor in Elden Ring

The region where the Hoarfrost Stomp weapon art can be found is best accessed by running to the far northwestern corner of the lake surrounding Raya Lucaria Academy. Once there, take the inclining paths up the slope and into the Caria Manor area. Caria Manor is a difficult area with lots of hidden enemies, making Hoarfrost Stomp’s area damage an excellent tool for navigating through it.

After arriving at the Caria Manor gates, head right along the outside of Caria Manor’s walls to a small body of water to the east of the castle that should be visible on the map. In this body of water, an invisible treasure scarab is running around.

The scarab can be seen by its glowing trail and its path won’t change. Just stand in front of it and unleash a flurry of attacks in its direction as it approaches.

Hoarfrost Stomp is a great tool for players who want to be able to buy themselves space by staggering enemies or who require more area of effect damage to deal with hordes of weaker foes. It’s already become a popular tool for Elden Ring players in PvP as well as PvE. This weapon art can help a lot with all of the buried and hidden hands in Caria Manor.

If you’re looking for a weapon art that makes bleed damage exceptionally good, check out the guide on how to get the Seppuku Ash of War.


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