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When is the Marvel Rivals PS5 closed beta release date?

By Fariha Bhatti


May 31, 2024

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Following a highly successful closed beta on PC, Marvel Rivals is now coming to PlayStation, bringing with it an exclusive reward for PS5 players.

Marvel Rivals is a hotly anticipated hero shooter with popular characters from the Marvel Universe available to play. From Iron Man to Loki, the game has a long list of characters that fans can play in this action-packed shooter. While it’s heavily inspired by Overwatch, Marvel Rivals has found its own footing in the PC community with impeccable gameplay and memorable voice lines.

The game is now coming to PS5, as announced in the recent PlayStation State of Play in May 2024.  

Marvel Rivals closed beta PS5 release date

Marvel Rivals will hold a closed beta for PS5 consoles in July 2024.

This is all the developer has announced regarding the closed beta, with the exact date still unknown. However, PS5 players will be glad to know that Marvel Rivals PS5 closed beta will arrive with an exclusive reward. Those who play the closed beta will get to keep a rare “Scarlet Spider” costume.

The simple skin is in signature Spider-Man red and grey colors with a hint of blue. While the process behind obtaining the skin is unknown, it’s likely a free reward that players get to keep even after the closed beta ends.

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Will Marvel Rivals have crossplay?

While Marvel Rivals is confirmed for PS5 and PC, it’s still unknown whether it will support crossplay. However, data miners believe crossplay and cross-platform functionality between PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S may exist upon launch, but it’s not yet confirmed.

If crossplay is available, players will be able to queue up with their friends on other platforms as well. However, the developer has yet to announce the official news. More will likely be revealed in July when Marvel Rivals is playable on PS5.


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