When does the Steam Summer Sale end?

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Like all good things, the Steam Summer Sale must come to an end, but when?

The Summer Sale is on and we’ve already combed the hundreds of games to find the best deals on household-name franchises and indie darlings alike. However, these bargains won’t stick around forever. The Summer Sale already has a set end date and all the cool deals on both software and hardware will leave just as quickly as they arrived.

The end date of the 2023 Steam Summer Sale is July 13, 2023. At 10 am PST, all of the current deals included in the sale will end, and games will return to their full retail price. All of the titles featured in the sale will probably not go on sale again for quite some time, so be sure to pick up all your wishlisted items before July 13.

Summer Sale end date will stop deals on Steam Deck

One of the most eye-catching deals of the Steam Summer Sale is a slashed price on the Steam Deck, which can currently be bought for $360, 10% off its normal introductory price.

The deal gets even better for the higher-tier versions, with the 512 gigabyte SSD model selling for $519, 20% less than its normal sticker price. That version also comes with upgraded anti-glare glass, a special carrying case, and some digital goodies to show off your specs. 

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Valve rarely offers deals on hardware, with the Index and Vive never getting discounts, only package deals with extra software and bonus peripherals. This may be the only time the Steam Deck goes on sale this year, especially if the rumors about a Steam Deck 2 turn out to be correct.

If the Steam Deck does go on clearance again after the end of the Summer Sale, it will likely be for the Winter Sale starting early in 2024.