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What we know about Wolf in Payday 3 so far

By Olivia Richman


Sep 5, 2023

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Wolf is confirmed to be coming to Payday 3, and fans are hyped. Here’s what we know so far about the masked technician.

Wolf is known for his iconic white and red demon mask. The Swedish technician has an “affinity for explosives,” according to his FBI file, which also states he is “psychotic” due to his sudden mood changes.

Wolf started off as a law-abiding citizen in Stockholm, but the economic slump in the 2000s shook up his life. His software development company lost a massive amount of clients and went bankrupt, leaving his entire family homeless.

A few years later, Wolf snapped and started participating in crimes to help his family survive the streets. But he slowly started treating the heists like a game due to his psychopathic tendencies. He also started brutally murdering people who got in his way.

Is Wolf in Payday 3?

Recent trailers have revealed that the original crew from Payday: The Heist is returning to Payday 3, along with two new heisters. The three original returning characters are Chains, Wolf, and Hoxton, who will be joined by newcomers Joy and Pearl.

Wolf new look in Payday 3

When all the OG characters were revealed for Payday 3, fans of the series noticed that Wolf and the others looked completely different from before, including their clothing and mask.

The new looks had a lot of players concerned, with some long-time fans claiming that the original “charm” of the game was dumped. This has given a lot of gamers a bad feeling about Payday 3 despite the initial excitement over the action-packed game’s nearing arrival.

Who will voice Wolf in Payday 3?

Along with a new look, a lot of characters are also getting new voices. This is most likely part of the complete style overhaul of Payday 3, but some fans also believe it was an ongoing beef between Wolf’s previous voice actor, Ulf Andersson, and Overkill Software.

Many fans were upset about the uncertainty behind Wolf’s voice actor and hoped developers have someone with a similar voice in mind if Andersson was not part of the project.

The new voice actor has since been revealed as Nicklas Berglund.

Luckily, fans are happy with the change so far.

Said one fan on YouTube: “He fits quite well. Nothing beats Ulf but I think Nicklas did a good job and most of the lines hit a sweet spot.”

Another added: “Yeah dude, Nicklas killed it. Just enough amount of unhinged, and a cool amount of Swedish voice lines too. That ‘CLOOOAKER!!!’ at 1:14 is classic Wolf, LMAO.”

This has given fans of the series a bit more hope about the potential of Payday 3.


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