What we know about new Street Fighter 6 character Kimberly

By Olivia Richman


Jun 14, 2022

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Street Fighter 6 was officially revealed in June and offered an exact release date to fighting game fans after years of anticipation. Soon after, leaked artwork appeared online that seemingly revealed all 22 characters coming to the game with the artwork being confirmed with later character reveals. New Street Fighter 6 character Kimberly has gotten more attention than anyone else thus far.

Every Street Fighter game has new faces and Street Fighter 6 seems like it will be no different. In leaked artwork, a few new characters were discovered, including Kimberly. Kimberly appears to be an African-American woman with a cyberpunk-ninja chic.

While her red crop top and colorful sneakers are eye-catching, her hair is definitely a standout feature. She has six braids all with neon blue tips.

Blog post image
New Street Fighter 6 characters. Kimberly is second from the right.

While the artwork has yet to be confirmed, Kimberly also appears in the official Street Fighter 6 announcement trailer. At the end of the video, players get a glimpse at something called the Battle Hub. The futuristic room features a screen with the words “new challenger.” Soon after, Kimberly briefly appears on the screen.

Who is Kimberly in Street Fighter 6?

Kimberly is one of several new characters in Street Fighter 6 that were featured in leaked artwork. So far, not much is known about Kimberly. Her lore and her fight style are still a mystery to the FGC though speculation is that she might be a ninja character in the same vein as Ibuki.

More information may be revealed about Kimberly in the near future now that the game has been officially announced.


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