Leak may have just revealed every Street Fighter 6 character

By Steven Rondina


Jun 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The full list of Street Fighter 6 characters may have just been included as part of a social media leak.

While fans just got their first proper taste of Street Fighter 6’s gameplay at PlayStation’s State of Play event, a heaping helping of info may have dropped onto the internet shortly after. A sheet of character art is making the rounds on Twitter showing a mix of both redesigned old characters and several entirely new ones to be implemented for Street Fighter 6.

The sheet includes the bulk of the Street Fighter 2 roster, including significant redesigns for Guile, E. Honda, Cammy, and Dee Jay. Past that, there are just four characters from Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 including Rashid, Juri, Ed, and Luke. The list is rounded out by seven brand-new characters. Among them is drunken fist fighter Jamie, who was revealed in the State of Play trailer.


There’s always cause to question the veracity of leaks, but it seems likely that this one is legitimate.

Is the Street Fighter 6 character leak real?

Capcom has not officially confirmed whether the Street Fighter 6 character leak is real, but there is cause to look at it as legitimate.

Three months ago a Reddit user named /u/DasVergeben put out a post that claimed to be an info leak on new Street Fighter 6 characters. Included on that list was “Yun and Yang’s cousin” who “wears yellow, uses drunken fist style.” Though it’s unconfirmed if Jamie is the cousin of Street Fighter 3’s Yun and Yang, he most certainly uses the drunken fist style and wears yellow.

Also included on DasVergeben’s list were a “female Abel,” a “Dandy Russian…in a peach-orange colored suit,” a “Mexican girl in a green tunic with an Aztec weapon,” along with several others. All these are seemingly reflected on this leaked character sheet, though the character sheet isn’t being directly credited to DasVergeben.

DasVergeben was also involved in several Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks, accurately pegging a number of new characters introduced to that game. They also made some proclamations that did not prove to be true regarding the game, but were correct even on some seemingly outlandish predictions.

It’s uncertain whether these leaked characters will all be a part of the base Street Fighter 6 roster or whether some might saved for an early DLC release. Either way, time will tell whether this Street Fighter 6 leak is real.