What Pokemon type are you? We have the answer

By Olivia Richman


Mar 30, 2021

Reading time: 10 min

There are 18 types in Pokemon. Each type has its own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and attacks. Some Pokemon even cover two types. As Pokemon continue to adapt and trainers discover new types, we can often find ourselves wondering which Pokemon type best suits our battle style and team. 

But another question a lot of trainers have is: Which Pokemon type are you most like? 

Each Pokemon type has distinct characteristics and abilities that bring them together and make them recognizable as that type. It’s time to find out which Pokemon type matches your personality best! Are you a creative and unique bug type Pokemon or a strong and intimidating steel type Pokemon? It’s time to discover your true identity in the Pokemon world. 

Normal type

Eevee normal type

A lot of people write off “normal” as being “boring” because they are so common. There are more normal type moves than any other elemental attacks in Pokemon. But being normal doesn’t mean being typical. People who identify as a normal type Pokemon are adaptable and versatile. You are a problem solver. You also fit in with just about everyone. 

Many normal Pokemon are based off of real-life animals, but with an added oomph that makes them special. For example, Eevee may look like an adorable fox, but it can evolve into multiple evolutions depending on what suits your party, strategy, and fighting style. Other popular normal Pokemon include Meowth, Ditto, Arceus, and Silvally. 

Fire type

Charizard fire type

People who can relate to fire type Pokemon often value power and strength. You don’t care if you’re the first to the party or the first to be interviewed. You know you’ll make an impact once you finally arrive. You are bold and always stand up for what you believe in. 

There are fewer fire Pokemon than any other elemental type. But the ones you’ve heard of are some of the most popular in the franchise. Some popular fire types include Charizard, Rapidash, Typhlosian, and Braixen. You’ll notice these are all Pokemon with strong personalities that overpower opponents with ease. 

Water type

Lapras water type

If you relate to water type Pokemon, you are most likely caring and supportive. Many water type Pokemon have abilities that heal and protect themselves as well as other Pokemon on their team. You are a thoughtful person who considers themselves empathetic. You often come across as calm and collected but will become passionate when it comes to standing up for yourself or others. 

Popular water types include Vaporeon, Kyogre, Greninja, Lapras, and Volcanion. Many water types are considered “primary water types,” meaning they also have components of another type, even fire. You are a balanced person who can be quite flexible and open-minded. 

Grass type

Sceptile grass type

A lot of grass Pokemon are based on real plants and bugs. Some well-known grass Pokemon include Sceptile, Rillaboom, Vileplume, Vensaur, and Exeggutor. Like these Pokemon, you’re creative and versatile. You pride yourself on using your talents and resources to come up with impactful solutions, including some that might never have been expected. 

Sometimes people underestimate you but that only makes you more determined. You often realize that you don’t care what other people think. You believe in yourself. 

Electric type

Raichu electric type

People who consider themselves electric are often very energetic and active. Sometimes you’re so focused on getting things done so quickly that it doesn’t come out as planned. But you’re fast on your feet and are often able to follow up with impromptu plans and ideas. Because of your positive energy, you can often influence others. 

Electric types are found all over Pokemon’s world from forests to cites and power plants. Popular electric Pokemon include Pikachu, Raikou, Tapu Koko, and Yamper. You’ll notice these are Pokemon that have a lot of personality. You are positive and likeable, but can sometimes tire calmer individuals out with your go-getter attitude. 

Ice type

Alolan Sandslash ice type

When things don’t initially go your way, well, you make sure they do. You pride yourself on problem-solving. You don’t let anything stop you once you’re determined to succeed. Sometimes you can be a bit intimidating, but you have good intentions. 

Some popular ice Pokemon include Alolan Vulpix, Glaceon, Cryogonal, Alolan Sandslash, and Frosmoth. These Pokemon are all about adapting, protecting, and changing things to be in their favor. They can all endure low temperatures and live in environments most other Pokemon can’t. Ice types can control ice at will, which makes it a bit easier. 

Fighting type

Lucario fighting type

If you identify with fighting Pokemon, you’re old school. You don’t need special fancy powers to fight when you have your fists and feet. You are a sucker for the classics and value tradition. Once you form a routine it’s hard to break it. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Why try a new dish when you already know the restaurant’s pasta is to die for? 

A lot of fighting type Pokemon have human-like figures that support their attacks. This includes Machamp, Hitmonchan, Lucario, and Zamazenta. These are strong Pokemon that won’t take no for an answer. You can relate to their determination. 

 Poison type

Garbodor poison type

Poison type Pokemon are often inspired by venomous creatures in our own world, like snakes and scorpions. Some poison types are also inspired by ninjas. These are Pokemon that basically protect themselves by exposing other Pokemon’s weakness, like Weezing, Garbodor, Alolan Muk, and Salazzle. 

If you identify with poison Pokemon, you most likely are intelligent, crafty, and quick-witted. But sometimes you can be a bit shy. You often put up a lot of defenses when you are around people you don’t know. You can come off stand-offish, but people who get to know you they’ll realize that you are creative and fun-loving. 

Ground type

Rhydon ground type

People who feel close to ground Pokemon are often stubborn, focused, and determined. You are hesitant to come out of your comfort zone and prefer activities that you already have a grasp of. It can be difficult to change your mind, but you are willing to bend for the right people. Even though you can be seen as set in your ways, you are willing to try new things if they seem worthwhile. 

Popular ground Pokemon include Dugtrio, Mudsdale, Rhydon, and Excadrill. These are powerful Pokemon that aren’t afraid to charge into battle when in their own turf. Such Pokemon know how to get the upper-hand and rely on their strength and endurance to win battles. 

Flying type

Zapdos flying type

You pride yourself on being a free-spirit. You take the expected and give it a twist. People that relate to flying Pokemon are confident but can easily get distracted. You love to daydream and have a lot of lofty goals for yourself. 

Popular flying Pokemon include Corvisquire, Noivern, Corviknight, and Cramorant. Most flying Pokemon are considered “secondary flying,” which means most of their attacks are based on another element. This includes Charizard, Butterfree, Zapdos, and Dragonite. Like all of these Pokemon, you are often popular and respected. 

Psychic type

Necrozma psychic type

Psychic Pokemon are seen as the some of the most powerful and the most intelligent Pokemon of all. Psychic Pokemon often use their mind to control the battle and other Pokemon. Popular Pokemon of this type include Alakazam, MewTwo, Mew, Deoxys, and Necrozma. Whether it’s the video game or card game, psychic types are often full of powerful abilities that can change the course of an entire battle. 

If you relate to these Pokemon, you always want to be in control of the situations you’re in. You meticulously plan trips ahead of time, even if it’s just a day-long outing. You have a list of party activities ready for guests. It’s difficult for you to let your guard down, and you don’t easily trust others. Sometimes you can be intimidating, but once people get to know you they are drawn to your magnetic personality. 

Bug type

Scizor bug type

Many bug Pokemon are based on real-life insects, and they often look the part. Bug Pokemon are said to “represent the beauty of nature” and often have realistic forms and evolutions. For example, many start off as larvae, then evolve into pupae, and then finally take on their adult form. Popular bug Pokemon include Pinsir, Venonat, Venomoth, Shuckle, and Scizor. 

Bug type Pokemon evolve quickly. You are a fast learner and able to adapt to situations flawlessly. A lot of people are impressed with the surprising solutions you come up with. You can be a bit shy, but friends know that you’re creative and caring. You are very mature but have a silly side. 

Rock type

Kabutops rock type

Rock Pokemon are all about power. Their attacks might not be accurate or fast, but if they do hit then the enemy is in deep trouble. Rock Pokemon include fossil Pokemon, which have adapted and persevered throughout the earth’s history. Well-known rock types include Sudowoodo, Lycanroc, Golem, and Onyx. Omastar and Aerodactyl are also rock types. 

If you relate to these Pokemon, you can be a bit stubborn. You avoid major changes in life, like moving or starting a new job. You prefer keeping things the way they are, but are also quite hardy. In fact, you are capable of handling any situation that’s thrown at you. While you might encounter a few challenges along the way, you often come out on top once you figure out a solution. Friends consider you to be very loyal and protective, although you can get annoyed quickly. 

Ghost type

Gengar ghost type

You like a good joke and can’t stop watching prank videos for inspiration. When people first meet you, you come off sort of dark and serious. But that’s often based on your appearance alone. You are actually quite humorous and silly once people get to know you. If this sounds like you, you most likely relate to ghost type Pokemon the most. 

Popular ghost types include Banette, Gengar, Spiritomb, Trevenant, and Mimikyu. Just like these Pokemon, you are a little hard to read. You can come across as negative, but you consider it “just being realistic.” Ghost types have low HP but immune to a lot of moves and attacks. You can be a bit sensitive and may sometimes hold grudges for too long. 

Dark type

Weavile dark type

If you relate to dark type Pokemon, you are independent and strong-willed. You refuse to be controlled. Not a lot of people understand you and your strong opinions on both nature and society. But you just enjoy being yourself. You don’t mind being different and can make friends of all types once they get to know you better. 

Some popular dark type Pokemon include Umbreon, Darkrai, Zoroark, and Weavile. These Pokemon are powerful and intimidating, but also have strong personalities that draw you in. You’re creative and daring, but can sometimes forget about others feelings when you get too focused. 

Dragon type

Dragonite dragon type

Dragon Pokemon are powerful and often considered deities that have a major impact on the planet. Dragon types are hard to come across and even harder to train. They are rare and elusive. But once you catch one, it’s worth it thanks to their impressive stats. Popular dragon Pokemon include Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp, Kommo-o, and Dragapult. 

If you find yourself drawn to this Pokemon type the most, you have a magnetic personality and can often persuade people quite easily with your charm and words. While you come across confident and outgoing, you often reserve your true feelings and emotions for close friends. You can be vulnerable with those you trust, but it’s easier for you to put on a show for everyone else. 

Steel type

Metagross steel type

People that relate to steel types above other Pokemon are very protective and strong. You don’t back down from a fight. While you won’t start fights yourself, you do everything in your power to finish them on your terms. You are usually a calm and logical person, but can get a bit hot-headed when someone gets you angry at you or threatens your friends. 

Popular steel Pokemon include Registeel, Melmetal, Steelix, and Metagross. These are defensive Pokemon that often rely on strong attacks and a lot of HP to come out on top. You can relate to their stubbornness as well as their pride and passion. 

Fairy type

Sylveon fairy type

You come across as delicate and sensitive but people who know you are often intimidated by your power. You are strong-willed, determined, and outspoken. But you reserve these traits for when they are most needed. You are usually easygoing, positive, and even spiritual. You often find positivity in situations where others can’t. 

Popular fairy Pokemon include Togepi, Clefairy, Xerneas, Zacian, and Togekiss. These Pokemon instantly come across as adorable and cute. But they have a lot of hidden powers within them that can overpower opponents. And they’ll do it all with a smile and a giggle. 


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