What news might fans get for Overwatch 2 at BlizzConline?

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BlizzConline is just a few days away and Overwatch 2 has been teasing information about the game in recent Twitter posts. Fans have received drips of details from both Activision Blizzard reports and leakers, but speculation is rising about what information fans might get at Blizzard’s upcoming online convention.

Overwatch 2 was first announced at BlizzCon 2019. Players have been told that no new heroes would be released between Echo, which was released in April 2020, and the launch of Overwatch 2, which many fans were disappointed to learn likely won’t be releasing in 2021

What new Overwatch 2 content will BlizzConline reveal?

Leakers have already been hard at work finding information that will be revealed during the free-to-watch convention, such as new heroes, maps, and lore updates. Short of a release date, these tidbits of info can keep the hype alive while Blizzard continues to work on the game. Metro, who first leaked Overwatch 2 prior to BlizzCon 2019, said fans should lower their expectations. 

Blizzard developers have already told fans not to expect any new heroes in Overwatch 1 before the launch of Overwatch 2, and that’s unlikely to change. Although game delays and issues with working from home have likely pushed Overwatch 2’s release date back to 2022 at the earliest, there is little possibility of a new hero being added into the base game in the meantime. Odds are the biggest news related to new Overwatch content will be previews of Overwatch 2 content.

Overwatch 2 gameplay footage, new heroes may be revealed at BlizzConline

Fans got a quick glimpse at actual Overwatch 2 gameplay in the 2019 reveal trailer. Though the game won’t be set for launch, it’s likely that development in the last two years has progressed to a point where fans can get a more in-depth glance at the gameplay itself. The early look at Overwatch 2 made the game look largely similar to the first game, and Blizzard should  be able to highlight some of the differences and new additions.

Another thing fans are sure to see is new heroes. Sojourn was already revealed in the 2019 trailer, and game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Sojourn is the first Canadian hero being added to the roster. Although she most likely won’t be added to the base game, there are sure to be more heroes announced or included in a new trailer at BlizzConline. 

Will Blizzard make Overwatch free-to-play?

Overwatch is quickly approaching its five-year anniversary in May, and there have already been rumors about Overwatch becoming free-to-play. Talks about this happening at BlizzConline have been ramping up ahead of the event, but there’s no saying if or when Overwatch will become free-to-play. Some fans have speculated that BlizzConline will be the date for a free-to-play release, while others have contended that it will be closer to the five-year anniversary date.

BlizzConline takes place virtually on February 19 and 20.