What is the best character for friend support in Honkai: Star Rail?

By Melany Moncada


Jul 28, 2023

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Honkai: Star Rail is not a multiplayer game, but that doesn’t mean you cannot support your friends. Here is everything you must keep in mind when you are choosing a support character.

It is important to make a distinction between a support character who is part of your team and a support character you can lend to your friends. The support on your team is the character who either heals or offers some kind of buff to the team, and it could be a shield. Some of the characters considered supports are Luocha, Natasha, Gepard, Bronya, and more.

The support character that you lent out to your friends can be any character owned by you. This character is chosen on your Trailblazer profile. Every time your friends enter the Calyx, the Echo of War, or similar challenges, they have the option to call on your character as support.

Whenever a character is used as support by others, the owner earns a reward.

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What is the best support character in Honkai: Star Rail?

While characters like Gepard and Bronya are good supports overall, they’re not necessarily the best characters to offer to your friends.

When you are selecting the support character, keep in mind that your friends are looking for something that they don’t already have.


Seele is perhaps the most popular support character in the game at the moment. Seele has the ability to get multiple turns in a row and deals significant damage at maximum level. Because it was only available for a limited time, not many players have a Seele of their own.


Imaginary is one of the rarest Combat Types in the games and one that is common amongst enemies. Welt can add that missing element to any team. It is not a big damage dealer, but it disables opponents, making the combats easier.


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