MultiVersus toast

What does toast do in MultiVersus?

By Olivia Richman


Jul 3, 2024

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The re-released and sort of improved MultiVersus has a lot of new features that the fighting game community is trying to learn. One of those things is toast. Like what does toast do? Here is all you need to know about this wacky feature.

What’s toast in MultiVersus?

Toast is a form of currency in MultiVersus. You can earn it when another player “toasts” you after a match.

In MultiVersus, toast is a form of currency that can be earned when another player “toasts” you after a match. Get it? Toast?

The second way to earn toast is by logging into the game every day, since you can get five every day you play.

Does toast do anything in MultiVersus?

Not really.

Toast doesn’t actually do anything gameplay-wise. But you will get Fighter Currency if you are toasted by another player or you toast them after a match. Fighter Currency can be used to buy new characters.

You can toast another player by hovering over the other player after a match and selecting the “Give Toast” option. You’ll find it near the top of the screen. After that, the other player will be given some toast.

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A lot of players have noticed that they are burning through their toasts quite fast. Because of this, a lot of FGC fans are asking for more ways to acquire toast in MultiVersus. Developers haven’t responded so far.